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The Final Frontier: Going for Gold at the Global Search Awards

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Published Date 11.07.2024

Somebody Digital has always had an international footprint, with clients in France, USA, London and Japan, and staff members scattered from Colombia to Cape Town. It made sense then, that our next leap in our Search Awards ambitions would be to take a tentative step onto the global stage that is the Global Search Awards.

So, we were thrilled, nay, delighted, to hear we’d been shortlisted for a whopping 12 awards for the 2024 event.

A little about us

We’ve mentioned our international staff and clients, but in case you hadn’t heard, we’re the target smashing, AI-loving, multi-channel marketing specialists (also known as the agency with the pug, his friends call him Alan). We work across a range of disciplines, from Account-Based Marketing to Paid Media, SEO and Conversion-rate optimisation. Whatever our clients require, we deliver.

Speaking of delivering, here’s what we entered

Our tentative foray into world domination (aka: entering the Global Search Awards), was built upon hard work and digital campaigns we ran for several of our clients. We carefully selected some of our favourite work to submit into this year’s awards. These included:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: This integrated campaign was a careful orchestration of multiple channels, including Email, Affiliate, Paid Search and Programmatic to deliver an increase of more than 40% in sales for our client over their Black Friday/Cyber Monday period for 2023.

Flexing Jobs listings: This SEO campaign took a newcomer in the job listings market from zero to hero. This site started with very little organic traffic, and within a period of six months, with clever leveraging of AI for content generation, we were able to begin driving organic traffic to the site, with a 191% increase in high commercial intent impressions, allowing this client to start competing with larger, more established jobs sites.

Lofty ideals and sweet dreams: One of our longstanding healthcare clients specialising in sleep solutions, sought to increase revenue through driving organic traffic to their site. By taking a user-centric approach and creating high-quality content, we assisted a 59% increase in organic visits to the site, achieving a 98% increase in revenue.

Taking 2FA across borders: One of our most global campaigns yet saw us using paid search and account-based marketing to help a software giant increase market penetration in new, non-English speaking countries. Despite challenges such as data attribution issues and in-market economic concerns, we managed to increase enquiries in the target regions by 600 and reduce the CPL while driving more leads.

Why we enter awards

So that’s what we entered, now to the why. We’ve been entering awards for some time now, and it started off as a chance to see how we stack up against some of the best in the industry, but it’s become so much more than that.

It’s important for us to receive external validation for the work that we do, and it’s important for our clients, because it proves their faith in us. We may have a fun approach to life, but we’re serious about delivering results, and being honoured with a Search Award, particularly a Global one, shows our clients, and our fellow agencies, that we mean business.

Besides that, it’s always a feather in our proverbial cap, and a huge nod to our incredible international team that operates around the world. Our team collaborates from Scotland to South Africa across these multi-channel, multi-lingual campaigns, and they pull it all off with flare. Winning an award is also for these team members, so that they know just how great we think they are.

Kraków here we come

So, our first step onto the global stage has begun, and we can’t wait to join our peers to mark the occasion in September. Until then, we’re going to keep doing fantastic work for our clients, while also crossing our fingers that we’ll be taking home gold at the Globals.

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