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Textbroker & Storylake Honored to Be Nominated for Three Global Search Awards 

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Published Date 10.07.2024

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for this year’s Global Search Awards. We have been nominated in the categories of Best Global Small SEO Agency, Best Use of Search B2B SEO Large, and Best Use of Search Finance. Here, we take the opportunity to dive into the background of the three nominations: 

Best Global Small SEO Agency: Storylake  

We established Storylake in September 2022 as a premier international boutique agency, aiming to blend high-quality content creation with deep industry expertise. Storylake’s core mission is to bridge the gap between companies and the hidden knowledge held by subject matter experts in all industries. With the motto “Top experts for your industry,” we are dedicated to creating high-quality expert content on a global scale. 

As opposed to ghostwriting, at Storylake, we offer clients full transparency about who will craft their content and why this person is an authoritative voice in the specific area. This method aligns with the latest SEO and digital marketing trends, where authenticity and expert authority are prioritized. Google’s EEAT criteria are one example of that. 

While finding experts with specialized knowledge is straightforward, securing their engagement for content creation is more difficult. The main issue here is aligning their availability and willingness to commit to regular content production schedules. To overcome this, we have complemented our editorial team with experienced copywriters and SEO specialists who collaborate closely with subject matter experts. Specifically, a dedicated team of 13 people across Europe and the USA is working hard on the three main goals of Storylake: 

  1. Expanding our expert network by adding 100 new experts to our database every month within the first year by implementing a rigorous recruitment process. 

  2. Making our EEAT Gap Analysis, an audit demonstrating how EEAT signals can boost the performance of websites, more well-known and widely used. 

  3. Further perfecting our Expert Search tool, allowing users to search for a certain keyword and instantly obtain a curated list of experts who specialize in that field. 

Since its launch, Storylake has reached several milestones: 

  • Successfully produced over 600 expert articles. 
  • Added 400 new experts with diverse specializations to its database. 
  • Launched the Expert Search equipped with an AI-powered semantic proximity system of tags. 

“We envision a future where high-quality, industry-specific expertise is easily accessible to all kinds of brands. Being shortlisted as Best Small Global SEO Agency is a significant milestone for Storylake on our way to having international experts ready for expert content projects in every conceivable field,” said El-Hadi Zahri, Managing Director at Storylake. 

Best Use of Search – Finance with Our Client N26:  Building Trust and Authority with Subject-Matter Expert Content Creation   

N26 is a global digital bank that offers simple, innovative, and transparent banking for everyone. The brand was looking for a solution to combine SEO and brand goals, specifically complying with Google’s EEAT guidelines and attributing authority and credibility to the brand. 

Our goal was to boost N26’s domain authority and influence brand perception by employing recognized subject-matter experts for the creation of high-quality content. In detail, we conducted thorough keyword research, searched and collaborated with industry-specific experts, and worked on a localization strategy considering different key markets and their specific financial conditions. Specifically for this project, we initiated a targeted recruitment campaign leveraging digital outreach tools, complemented by a comprehensive briefing strategy designed to attract matching experts who align with N26’s brand values and content goals. 

During the project, we helped N26 create local subject-matter expert content pieces that were published in five languages. As a result, we were able to increase traffic for selected keywords critical for N26’s brand positioning. The campaign also helped to gain valuable external links from websites with a strong domain authority. Furthermore, with this content project, we significantly strengthened N26’s brand authority by helping to build up their blog into a trusted resource. 

Best Use of Search – B2B SEO Large with Our Client Avid Technology: A Music and Video Editing Guide Creation and Link Building Project 

Avid Technology is a multimedia company that specializes in developing software for audio and video production. Its flagship products are the video editing application Media Composer and the digital audio workstation Pro Tools. Both products are well-established among professionals, with movie, TV, and broadcasting studios using Media Composer and big-label recording studios and producers working with Pro Tools. 

The goal of this project was to build up Avid’s online resource center with EEAT-level articles on various “learning path” topics for new music producers and video editors. Each learning path included a series of interlinking guides in different categories, such as audio mixing, studio gear, production, etc. These guides aimed to inform, target top keywords, and drive site traffic and conversions. To ensure excellent SEO and high SERP rankings, we also facilitated the implementation of a link-building project targeting the guides. 

The campaign was aligned with Avid’s broader strategy to make their high-level products more accessible and understandable to a wider audience of aspiring professionals. To connect with potential expert contributors, we created an outreach campaign targeting writers with music and video production experience. This team also helped us complete the SEO research and outline creation needed for each article. 

In addition, we developed comprehensive training materials to ensure these experts could effectively communicate complex subjects while adhering to our keyword and interlinking requirements. These included recording training videos on SEO and content briefing best practices tailored to this campaign. Furthermore, each expert was paired with an experienced editor. 

We ultimately created over 100 articles, each with its own targeted brief. The client and we were happy with the results: ´

  • SEO Performance: We managed to improve organic search rankings and visibility through targeted SEO and strategic link-building within four months. Several of our articles reached the No. 1 spot in Google for the targeted keyword. 
  • Content Creation: The creation of high-quality content by industry experts boosted Avid’s authority and attracted a broader audience. 
  • The collaboration also helped change perceptions among Avid’s target audience, making tools like Pro Tools and Media Composer feel more accessible and relevant to their needs. 

This project showcases how combining classic SEO best practices with subject matter experts’ insights within the CreaTech industry brings great results.  
“Both projects represent what we believe to be the future of marketing: the need for genuine and unique perspectives in an internet era dominated by bland AI-generated content,” said El-Hadi Zahri. 

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