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Voxel’s journey to the global search awards

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Published Date 08.07.2024

Can you believe it? What started as an internal tool to improve workflows at Pixel, a Swedish SEO agency, has now been shortlisted for the Global Search Awards!

Founded by Pixel Nordic, Voxel has changed the SEO industry with its innovative SEO workflow software. Voxel’s journey, highlighted by a recent nomination at the Global Search Awards 2024, shows our commitment to improving SEO workflows and processes through new ideas.

We saw the challenges SEO professionals face with handling data from different sources and complex processes. So, we created Voxel to make these workflows simpler. Our product combines various SEO tasks into one platform, making work more efficient and productive.

Voxel: SEO software that aligns with modern workflows

Voxel isn’t just another SEO tool; it’s a well-designed suite that brings together various SEO tasks in one easy-to-use platform. Unlike other tools that try to automate everything with not-so-great algorithms, Voxel takes a different approach. It offers a platform where you do the work, respecting the SEO craftsmanship while automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks without compromising the quality of your work.

  • SEO Workflow Efficiency: Voxel’s unique workflow improves productivity by automating manual tasks, letting SEO professionals focus on strategic decisions.
  • Collaboration: Teams can work together easily, sharing data and insights within the platform. This leads to better communication and more unified strategies.
  • Keyword Research and Management: Voxel is great at performing long-tail searches, exploring related keywords, and managing them effectively. The historical data feature, showing search volumes for up to three years, helps identify trends and plan content as well.
  • Performance Insights: Voxel offers deep insights into market demand, search behavior, site performance, and competitive intelligence, helping users stay ahead in their field.
  • Content Planning: By automatically generating content plans and offering optimization tips, Voxel ensures that content always meets SEO goals.

Voxel’s journey from idea to market

Voxel is being bootstrapped by Pixel Nordic with a clear vision to build an SEO platform for SEO professionals by SEO professionals. We started working on Voxel in 2019, and since its launch as a SaaS in October 2023, Voxel has gained a wide user base, including major agencies and in-house SEO teams.

With an initial investment of €1 million and a pricing strategy designed for growth, Voxel is accessible and affordable. Its current paying user base shows its growing popularity and the value it brings to users.

Why did Pixel build Voxel? 

We knew a tool like Voxel didn’t exist, and we believed our SEO agency could save a lot of time by building it. And we were right! An internal study showed that Voxel saves about 200 to 250 hours of work per month for our team of about 20 SEO consultants.

The Global Search Awards: a milestone

Voxel’s nomination at the Global Search Awards proves its innovative features and impact on the SEO community. Being shortlisted for this prestigious award is a significant achievement for Pixel and the Voxel team, recognizing our hard work and dedication to reshaping traditional SEO workflows.

What this recognition means to us

“Being recognized by the Global Search Awards has been an incredible experience for our team. This honor is a testament to the hard work and dedication required to launch a bootstrapped software while consistently delivering value to our clients through consultancy.” – Daniel Axelsson, Co-founder & CEO at Voxel.

Testimonials from our team and clients

“Incorporating Voxel into our tool stack has significantly improved our SEO workflow, saving us countless hours previously lost to manual processes.” – Mersudin Forbes, Portfolio SEO & Agency Advisory at Mersudin Forbes Digital.

“Seeing our tool being used by top agencies and in-house professionals across Sweden and beyond is incredibly rewarding. It drives us to continue improving and expanding Voxel’s capabilities.” – Henrik Vikström, Founder & CEO at Pixel. 

Broadening our horizons: opening the door for potential partnerships and collaborations

With the spotlight now on Voxel, we are seeing more interest from international markets. We are actively looking for new partners, potential clients, and collaborations globally to see how Voxel can help businesses.

Interested in collaborating with Voxel? Connect with Daniel Axelsson.

Commitment to continuous improvement

The journey doesn’t end with this nomination; it’s just the beginning. We are more committed than ever to continuous improvement and innovation. Our roadmap includes advanced features that will further simplify the SEO process, incorporating AI-driven processes and improved user interface designs to provide even deeper insights and a more intuitive user experience.

Leveraging feedback

Feedback is crucial for our ongoing development process and helps us align our product enhancements with the needs of our users.

Connect with Voxel

As we continue on this path, we invite SEO professionals, agencies, and businesses to join us in redefining SEO workflows and achieving greater success. To learn more about Voxel and to stay updated on our journey, visit our website at and follow us on our social channels: Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

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