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TV 2 Play’s strategic use of Google drives streaming success

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Published Date 02.07.2024

TV 2 Play, a prominent Norwegian streaming service, has effectively leveraged Google as a strategic tool to significantly enhance its market visibility and viewer engagement. By employing a dual approach of targeted paid advertising and advanced SEO, TV 2 Play has demonstrated how thoughtful digital strategies can yield remarkable results, even in a competitive landscape dominated by larger international platforms like Netflix and many others.

About TV 2 Play and Rocket

TV 2 Play is a leading Norwegian streaming service, providing a wide range of shows, movies, and sports content to viewers across the country. While competing with larger international streaming services, TV 2 Play focuses on delivering quality content and a user-friendly experience to its audience.

Rocket, a digital marketing agency based in Oslo, specializes in helping companies like TV 2 Play optimize their online presence through innovative marketing solutions. Our focus on SEO and paid advertising has enabled TV 2 Play to achieve remarkable results.

Our award-nominated work

The campaign that earned us a spot on the Global Search Awards shortlist is a great example of how it pays off to do strategic integration of paid search and SEO. Here’s how we did it:

Strategic use of Google

Google plays a crucial role in our marketing strategy, not just for driving sales but also for ensuring that potential viewers can easily find TV 2 Play’s content. By optimizing our presence on Google, we capture viewer interest at critical decision points.

Dual approach: paid search and SEO

  1. Maximizing impact through paid search

To capture viewer interest effectively, we implemented a real-time trend-spotting system. This system continuously monitors trending topics, popular media, and viewer behavior. Based on this data, our ad placements are dynamically adjusted to ensure they appear when potential viewers are most engaged. For example, if a particular TV show gains sudden popularity, our system identifies this spike and places targeted ads to capture this interest. This method led to a significant increase in conversion rates, making our paid search efforts highly efficient and at a much lower cost.

  1. Enhancing organic discovery with SEO

Our SEO strategy involves the extensive use of structured data to improve TV 2 Play’s visibility in Google’s organic search results. We tagged content such as shows and movies with detailed metadata, including titles, descriptions, and availability. This structured data ensures that TV 2 Play’s content appears prominently in search results with rich snippets, providing users with clear and concise information. Additionally, we continuously updated and optimized the website’s content to reflect current trends and viewer interests, which significantly boosted organic traffic and overall search visibility.

Interplay of paid search and SEO

The dual approach of combining paid search with SEO allows TV 2 Play to cover all bases when it comes to capturing viewer interest. Paid search captures immediate interest and drives quick traffic, especially during trending moments. Concurrently, the SEO strategy ensures long-term visibility and organic traffic growth by keeping content optimized and up-to-date. This synergy ensures that TV 2 Play remains highly visible and accessible to potential viewers, leveraging the strengths of both approaches to maximize engagement and conversions.

Results that speak volumes

The strategic integration of both paid and organic search strategies combined with multiple successful marketing campaigns has delivered impressive results for TV 2 Play:

  • A 140% increase in subscription sales and a cut in sales costs by 50%.
  • Enhanced brand perception, with a 27% increase in being recognized as “good at movies” and a 21% boost in TV series recognition. These are key factors for customers when choosing a streaming service.
  • Significant growth in organic search visibility, resulting in millions of additional views and clicks, directly contributing to increased sales.

The significance of this nomination

Being shortlisted for the Global Search Awards is a significant milestone for both TV 2 and Rocket. It validates our efforts and showcases the effectiveness of our strategies. This recognition also highlights the hard work and dedication of our team at Rocket, who continuously strive to push the boundaries of digital marketing. Winning gold at the European Search Awards was an incredible achievement, and being able to compete in the Global Search Awards means a lot to the Rocket team, who started the company just 2.5 years ago. What a journey it has been!


“Entering the Global Search Awards has been an incredible experience for us. It not only allowed us to showcase our work but also provided an opportunity to benchmark our strategies against the best in the industry. Being shortlisted is an honor and a testament to the TV 2 and Rocket partnership.” – Erik Holland Haukebø, co-founder of Rocket.

“We are thrilled with the success we’ve seen through our collaboration with Rocket. Their strategic approach to search marketing has significantly boosted our visibility and subscriber base.” adds Jonas Moe from TV 2.

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