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Searchmind Shortlisted With 9 Cases at the Global Search Awards: Celebrating Our Outstanding Digital Marketing Teams

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Published Date 26.06.2024

At Searchmind, we take pride in leading the way in digital marketing, consistently pushing the boundaries of SEO and PPC. Our relentless pursuit of excellence and ambitious strategies have once again earned us a distinguished place among the industry’s best. As a young agency, this achievement marks a significant milestone for us.

This year we are listed in the following categories:


Best Global Large Integrated Search Agency: A Nomination of Particular Pride

The nomination for “Best Global Large Integrated Search Agency” highlights our comprehensive approach to digital marketing and the exceptional results our employees have achieved across SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Content and Creative, Email Marketing, and Martech.

Being considered for this award highlights our ability to deliver integrated strategies that yield measurable results. Furthermore, the strong culture at Searchmind encourages our teams to continually challenge themselves and their clients positively, leading to 9 nominated cases this year. This reflects our commitment to excellence and demonstrates that our employees are among the best in the industry. Therefore, we are immensely proud of this recognition.

“Our strategic focus on low employee turnover and fostering a supportive company culture is essential. The stability provided by our dedicated team members enables us to maintain continuity in client relationships – a rare advantage in the typically high-turnover digital marketing industry,” Brian Ahle, Co-Founder and CPO at Searchmind states.

Transformative PPC Campaigns Driving Significant Growth

Our PPC campaigns for clients like Adax, bareen, and Fleggaard exemplify our ability to drive significant growth through strategic budget allocation and clever campaign structures. Whether maximizing ROI for Adax with Performance Max campaigns, boosting bareen’s PPC revenue through a transparent and segmented setup, or leveraging historical data to drive Fleggaard’s localized strategy, our approaches have consistently delivered outstanding results. A big shout out to our PPC team for their relentless efforts and creative thinking.

Strategic SEO Initiatives Boosting Market Presence

Our SEO efforts for clients like Organic Basics and Dyberg Larsen have highlighted our ability to drive organic growth through meticulous optimization and strategic content creation.

For Organic Basics, we expanded the brand’s presence from five to twenty markets, significantly boosting market presence and revenue by emphasizing sustainability and leveraging data and localization.

In the Dyberg Larsen campaign, we achieved significant growth with limited resources, increasing organic traffic and conversions through careful SEO optimization and engaging content. We are proud of our SEO team, who are always striving to deliver results no matter the budget.

Data at The Core of Everything we do

A data-driven approach has been the cornerstone of our success across all campaigns, enabling us to uncover specific opportunities for each client. For instance, with CarCareFreaks, we seamlessly integrated advanced data analysis with targeted search strategies, resulting in exceptional performance in both PPC and SEO. Data-driven decisions allowed us to fine-tune our campaigns for optimal performance.

Similarly, our use of data in Fleggaard’s PPC campaigns led to a significant increase in store visits and conversions. The depth of our data analysis provided a clear path to achieving our targets. Therefore we are also happy to learn that those two cases have been nominated in the category Best Use of Data.

Commitment to Pushing Boundaries and Achieving Excellence

Each of our nominated campaigns underscore our teams’ unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results through innovative strategies and precise execution, consistently pushing our clients to achieve even greater success.

“Our achievements are rooted in a strong foundation of teamwork, data-driven strategies, and a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, These nominations are a testament to our team’s diligent efforts and the trust our clients place in us”, says Brian Ahle.

We are looking forward to the show and are honored to be recognized among the top in the field once again.

About Searchmind

Searchmind is a Danish performance marketing agency committed to digital growth and business development with our clients. Located in central Aarhus, our team of more than 50 experts – including strategists, specialists and consultants, translates data-driven insights into effective strategies and actions that resonate with our clients. We are committed to honest advice and deep expertise, striving for growth through a balanced focus on both quantitative results and meaningful relationships. We excel in understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client, establishing ourselves as a reliable partner throughout the digital customer journey.

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