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The Bulgarian Agency Serpact Named the Second Best Small SEO Agency in the World

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Published Date 31.07.2023

On July 12, 2023, we were selected as the second best global small SEO agency by the jury of the Global Search Awards! What a momentous day it was for us!

We are thrilled to share that our small, all-Bulgarian agency has once again been honored with an award from this prestigious competition! We have received many international awards, but winning a silver award in the “Best Global Small SEO Agency” category reaffirms that our agency is worthy on the world stage.

On the day of this momentous achievement, Nikola Minkov, our esteemed CEO, shared his heartfelt sentiments:

“People who know me know that I never liked second place, but today I feel proud of this recognition because an all-BULGARIAN agency is on the world stage!”

At the end of his social media statement, Nikola added:

“I also discovered that we in Bulgaria are in no way inferior to the “west”! It’s time to show the world that we not only have good services, but we can also create products, to produce, and that’s what we do in a startup we called Trackian.

The award is also for all SEO colleagues and all CEO colleagues in Bulgaria because we can! It remains to create more!”

Beyond being a triumph for our agency, this award holds profound significance for Bulgarian businesses and companies as well. The award serves as a testament to the fact that Bulgaria is not merely a small dot on the world map. Instead, it is a nation teeming with talent, innovation, and ambition. Hundreds of young and highly educated professionals in Bulgaria are diligently pursuing their goals, making their mark in various industries, and contributing to the nation’s growth and recognition worldwide.

About Serpact

Established in 2016, Serpact is a small Bulgarian SEO agency that takes immense pride in an extraordinary achievement – not a single team member has left the company since its inception. Our current team of 22 enthusiastic and skilled professionals fearlessly embraces the challenges that come with working at our agency.

Eight years ago, an inspiring man founded Serpact – and so until today he is the driving force and the heart of the team – he is Nikola Minkov, CEO of Serpact, SERP Conf. & SERP Acad. Through the management methods and processes he has cultivated over the years, he has assembled the team behind the Serpact name today.

Over the years we have managed more than 2,500 projects overall and received over 80 international certificates and 14 international awards.

Our journey with Global Search Awards

Receiving a second award from Global Search Awards carries special significance for us, as it follows our first award in the challenging year of 2020. During that time, despite the difficulties, our team persevered and delivered exceptional SEO services, making a notable impact in the digital marketing landscape.

Moving forward, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our work, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunities the future holds for our agency. Both awards serve as a motivation to continue striving for greatness and providing top-notch services to clients worldwide. 

We want to express our profound gratitude to our clients and everyone who has been a part of our incredible journey. Together, let’s continue to make an impact and shape the future of SEO and digital marketing on a global scale.

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