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Breaking Boundaries: SEO Sherpa, the First MENA Agency to Secure ‘Best Global Agency’

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Published Date 24.07.2023

When a dream begins to take shape and morphs into reality, the sensation is nothing short of magical. 

That’s precisely what it felt like when SEO Sherpa was announced as winners at the Global Search Awards 2023.

Every applause, every accolade, and every word of recognition echoed a journey of dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Taking home three substantial awards, including the monumental ‘Best Global Large SEO Agency,’ has not only set a new benchmark for us but also for the industry, particularly for the MENA region.

The nomination phase was thrilling, but the victory? It was electrifying! 

Charting Our Legacy: From Humble Beginnings to Global Dominance

When our journey began in 2012, our goal was clear: to achieve excellence on a global scale. 

Through our strategic efforts, we have achieved remarkable success, generating a staggering $2 billion in revenues for our clients and earning an impressive 20 Global Search Awards.

Today, we proudly stand at the zenith of the industry, recognized as the Best Global Large SEO Agency, a moment of immense pride not only for us but for the entire MENA region.

Our wins for the ‘Best MENA SEO Campaign‘ and the ‘Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO), Large Agency‘ further validate our expertise in tailoring strategies for diverse challenges.

This triumphant moment has injected renewed vigor into our team. James Reynolds, our Managing Director, expressed his pride, stating, “I am incredibly proud of the entire SEO Sherpa team for our three fantastic wins at the Global Search Awards. From humble beginnings in my apartment 11 years ago, we have now teammates in 10 countries, boasting a remarkable team of over 50 dedicated professionals. This victory marks a monumental milestone for us as we proudly hold the title of the #1 large SEO agency in the world!”

Behind the Trophies: Diving into Our Award-Winning Campaigns

Each award we receive tells a captivating story – a tale of conquering challenges, crafting innovations, and achieving remarkable goals.

Our collaborations with industry powerhouses like Al Ansari Exchange and YAS Island stand as a testament to SEO Sherpa’s adaptability and prowess. 

Each campaign presented unique challenges, but our team’s resilience turned these obstacles into milestones we celebrate today.

Notably, our work with YAS Island exemplifies our approach of transforming challenges into opportunities. Despite facing the daunting task of two website migrations, we saw them as mere steps in our expedition. The result was a staggering increase in organic traffic and revenue.

From August 2021 to August 2022, organic traffic surged by an impressive 196%, and monthly organic revenue saw a remarkable 549% uptick. These outstanding results translated into a staggering 1,960% ROI, underscoring the potency of our SEO tactics. 

These were not just numbers; they were tangible business outcomes, impacting bottom lines and boosting brand visibility, leading to us winning the ‘Best MENA SEO Campaign‘ award.

Similarly, our campaign for Al Ansari Exchange went beyond elevating their digital presence; it showcased the transformative power of the right SEO strategies backed by expertise. Collaborating with the UAE’s leading money exchange firm, we won the ‘Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO), Large Agency’ award.

Our ambitious goal was to amplify their organic keywords, traffic, and app installations.

With unwavering resolve and an enterprising zest, we began our venture in April 2022, systematically devising a strategy to enhance Al Ansari Exchange’s digital visibility.

Our hard work bore fruit with a remarkable 110% rise in organic sessions by August 2022, leaping from 217,145 to an impressive 457,418. Furthermore, our adept use of SEO saw a 47% boost in keyword rankings within the top three positions. The most striking achievement was the 209% ascent in app downloads, skyrocketing from 11,427 to 35,317. This digital metamorphosis resulted in a phenomenal 57,216% ROI for Al Ansari Exchange.

These successes not only marked victories for SEO Sherpa but also showcased the profound impact of SEO on our client’s businesses, proving that the right strategies, executed with expertise, can turn rankings into substantial ROI.

More Than Just Trophies: The Real Value of Our Awards

Winning at the Global Search Awards in 2023 was a defining moment for SEO Sherpa, showcasing our expertise and passion for the industry. 

This honor fuels our drive to continuously innovate, evolve, and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

While our journey was never about seeking recognition, our primary motivation has always been the success of our clients and the growth of our team. 

Nevertheless, accolades like the Global Search Awards provide affirmation of our approach, a nod from our peers, and a reminder of the positive impact we make in the online world.

For our team, these awards signify more than just a win: “Awards are waypoints, not destinations. We take pride in our achievements, but we’re far from complacent. There are still many more peaks to conquer, and armed with our award-winning strategies, expertise, and unbeatable spirit, we are well-prepared for the exciting journey ahead.” –SEO Sherpa Team

Eyes on the Horizon: The Exciting Road Ahead for SEO Sherpa

While we relish our moment of glory, we understand that search industry is ever-evolving. 

Today’s best practices might become obsolete tomorrow. Hence, complacency has no place in our playbook.

The future for SEO Sherpa looks promising. With plans to expand our global footprint, we are poised for even bigger leaps.

Our ultimate vision is to become the beacon of excellence in the search industry, guiding businesses from different corners of the globe towards unparalleled online success.

Moreover, we’re excited about forging new partnerships, nurturing the next generation of SEO experts, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital sphere.

In Gratitude: Odes to Our Community, Clients, and Committed Sherpas

To every member of the SEO community, every SEO company, consultant, and professional who was part of the Global Search Awards – we salute you. 

The awards might single out a few, but the progress of our industry is a collective effort. Your innovations, research, and successes inspire us daily.

To our fellow winners, congratulations! 

Let’s cherish this win but remember that the journey is far from over. The SEO landscape is vast and filled with uncharted territories waiting to be explored.

To the esteemed panel at the Global Search Awards, your acknowledgment validates our dedication to the craft. 

To our clients, your trust empowers us. 

And to our team – our Sherpas – your relentless spirit is the heartbeat of SEO Sherpa.

Join us as we move beyond the summit and set our sights on the next horizon.

We believe the journey is as rewarding as the destination, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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