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Uncovering Hidden Gems: Megantic’s Success with S-kin Studio

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Published Date 20.07.2023

Megantic, a leading organic search (SEO) specialist agency focused on eCommerce, is continuously making remarkable progress in the digital industry. Their Australian branch’s exceptional accomplishments were honoured at the 2023 Global Search Awards, where they proudly secured the prestigious Best Use of Search (Fashion) award with client S-kin Studio.

The backstory

S-kin Studio is a fine jewellery brand that sells high-quality, everyday jewellery. From earrings to necklaces and rings, S-kin’s designs are timeless, simple and sophisticated. Their jewellery is tarnish-resistant and is made with ethical and environmentally-conscious practices.

Due to the competitive nature of the jewellery industry, they were struggling with SEO and with scaling their business, especially with new competitors entering the market during the COVID lockdowns in Australia. Megantic’s team discovered an overlooked niche in the jewellery industry and restructured the website categorisation based on thorough data research.

The goals were set high, and the outcomes managed to surpass all expectations. Take a look:


  • Increase organic sessions by 80%
  • Increase top 3 keywords and non-branded first page keywords by 100%
  • Increase organic transactions & revenue by 30%


  • Organic sessions: +100% increase
  • Top 3 keywords: +156% increase
  • Non-branded first page keywords: +137% increase
  • Organic transactions: +41% increase
  • Organic revenue: +49% increase

The challenges

Like all projects with Megantic, S-kin Studio’s journey unfolded in three key stages. In the first phase, Megantic conducted extensive research into their target market to grasp growth opportunities and challenges. Within this exploration, three primary hurdles emerged: competing with larger competitors, working within a limited budget, and addressing slow site speed.

  • Challenge 1: Competing with larger online jewellery shops and bigger competitors.

Outcome: Utilising a data-driven approach to keyword research, Megantic identified a distinctive niche for S-kin Studios encompassing “Ethical” and “Minimal” jewellery. This strategic move enabled them to compete effectively against competitors and secure a more significant portion of a specialised organic market. While generic terms like “earrings” and “necklaces” were unsuitable for a small Shopify site pitted against larger big box stores, Megantic achieved remarkable success in securing top positions for carefully chosen niche keywords such as “Gold Huggie Earrings” and “Ethical Jewellery.”

  • Challenge 2: Slow site speed deterring customers from visiting the site.

Outcome: Megantic’s intelligent and data-driven keyword targeting, combined with technical expertise, allowed them to operate with efficiency, optimising the client’s budget and addressing time constraints effectively. For example, updates to the robots.txt file were a quick win that was not being utilised by larger jewellery stores.

  • Challenge 3: Slow site speed due to large images and videos.

Outcome: Through PageSpeed Insight tests and third-party tools, Megantic successfully pinpointed areas for improvement to tackle the LCP (largest contentful paint, a Core Web Vital metric). After employing image optimisation techniques, S-kin Studio’s LCP decreased from an average of 10.5 seconds to now saving 9.2 seconds, all without substantial financial investment. Megantic embedded YouTube links, incorporated smaller format videos, and compressed image files, ensuring excellent Core Web Vitals scores for both mobile and desktop platforms.

A sparkling success brings an award-winning case study

 Megantic adopts a data-driven approach to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by each client, crafting a tailor-made strategy to aligns with their needs. After executing specific tasks to achieve set objectives, Megantic’s collaboration with S-kin Studios has been very successful.

S-kin Studio has undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from the verge of closing shop to emerging as a dominant independent player in the industry. This success has empowered them to expand their horizons and invest in other marketing channels, opening up new avenues for growth and prosperity.

“We’re thrilled to have won the Best Use of Search – Fashion award at the Global Search Awards in Paris! This journey has been truly amazing for our team at Megantic, and we owe much of our success to our incredible client, S-kin Studio.

Working with S-kin Studio has been a pleasure, thanks to their transparency, trust in our expertise, and openness to new ideas. Their support has allowed us to push boundaries and implement cutting-edge strategies, from innovative keyword research to technical optimizations and engaging multimedia content.

 This award is a testament to the collaborative spirit between Megantic and S-kin Studio. Their belief in our capabilities has been a driving force behind our outstanding achievements. We’re excited for what lies ahead and look forward to achieving even greater success together, and want to express gratitude to S-kin Studio for being an exceptional partner.” says Mark Tran, Project Manager at Megantic.

Innovation and expertise are paramount for consistent SEO results

Megantic is a leading Organic Search (SEO) specialist agency based in Australia, dedicated to eCommerce. A multiple award-winning global agency, Megantic has created a unique strategy for online retailers that enables them to target educated customers that are traditionally ignored by most SEO campaigns and substantially grow their online revenue.

With offices in the UK, Macedonia, Canada and a flagship office in Australia,

Megantic is used by many of Australia’s top brands like The Good Guys, Forty Winks, Aquila and Cargo Crew.

Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Written by Emily Bencsics, Marketing & Digital Coordinator at Megantic.


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