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Elevate Digital are on cloud nine as they celebrate winning at the Global Search Awards

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Published Date 17.07.2023

An exhilarating moment arrived as we eagerly awaited the announcement, “And the winner is…” It was then that we learned of our triumph in receiving a prestigious Global Search Award. This served as a moment of validation for the collaborative efforts we dedicated to our work as a team. Yet, above all, the ultimate significance lies in the satisfaction of our client with the achieved outcomes. How did we succeed in crafting such a victorious achievement?

Elevate Digital and Jane Lushka collaborated to enhance online and offline sales by analyzing physical store data and implementing a successful integration strategy. The fashion industry faced significant challenges during the pandemic, leading businesses to reassess their approaches and adapt to the new normal.

Jane Lushka, a fashionable luxury women’s clothing brand, currently operates 718 physical outlets across Europe, with 357 stores located in the Netherlands. Recognizing the importance of both physical stores and online sales, we aimed to create a balanced and effective presence in the fashion landscape.

Jane Lushka allocated an unlimited marketing budget as long as they maintained a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 900%. The total cost ranged from 200K to 500K, with 15% dedicated to agency fees and 85% allocated to media spending.

Our hypothesis suggested that cities near physical stores would have a higher online conversion rate compared to the average rate in the Netherlands. Analysis confirmed this hypothesis, revealing that within a 5 km radius around physical stores, the online conversion rate was, on average, 52% higher.

Based on these findings, we adopted a location-based strategy and implemented a full-funnel approach for areas within 5 km of the physical stores. Our marketing efforts included Programmatic Display Advertising, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), Google Search and Google Shopping.

To execute this strategy effectively, we utilized the Maps for Sheets tool, which enabled us to dynamically map all cities located within 5 km of the physical store locations. With a custom-made script, we imported these locations into the Programmatic Display Advertising platform and Google Ads.

In our Programmatic Display Advertising campaign, we primarily focused on low-funnel approaches to drive purchases. For Google Ads, we employed a script to dynamically import the locations from the spreadsheet. We divided the Search and Shopping campaigns into two separate campaigns.

Search & Shopping Campaign A targeted locations within 5 km of the physical stores, while Search & Shopping Campaign B encompassed the rest of the Netherlands, excluding the locations covered in Campaign A. In Campaign A, we set the ROAS bidding lower and allocated higher budgets to increase visibility in the areas surrounding the physical stores.

Our analysis confirmed this hypothesis, leading us to apply it in both online and offline marketing. Although we were given the goal of increasing online sales by 30% at the same ROAS, we not only increased online sales by 54.5%, but also offline sales by 120%.

This golden combination of online and offline marketing has paved the way for us to implement this strategy in multiple countries and for multiple clients. It also set a new standard for the retail industry.

We take great pride in this global acknowledgment. Through our commitment to a growth mindset, we have secured yet another accolade to adorn our name. The rewarding nature of our relentless efforts fills us with immense joy. And what better way to commemorate this achievement than by celebrating in Paris, with all the grandeur it offers!

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