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It’s all about the customer journey at AEK Media

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Published Date 13.07.2023

AEK Media are exceptionally proud of the entire team to be shortlisted for 4 nominations including BEST GLOBAL SMALL INTEGRATED SEARCH AGENCY. Thank you to Global Search Awards for the recognition. It’s amazing to be considered among such an exceptional group given we’re so young into our journey. Starting in mid-2019, AEK Media has continued to rise above, navigating through challenging periods and growing despite the pandemic and now the looming talk of recession. We believe these difficult periods bring out the best of innovative marketing approaches, really testing our digital strategies. 

Who is AEK Media? 

At the heart of AEK Media and everything we do is our goal to educate businesses on the transformative potential of integrated search, leveraging what makes each business unique and empowering them to forge meaningful connections with customers through captivating digital narratives, yielding tangible outcomes for substantial growth. 

AEK Media was founded by a serial eCommerce entrepreneur with an aim to form a marketing agency that was built from the ground up to specialise in integrated marketing. AEK Media’s campaigns are centred around a deep understanding of the customer journey, delivering content-rich and visually compelling funnels that are underpinned by nuanced technical execution.  

Our team and approach. 

AEK is fuelled by a deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture that prioritises finding pragmatic solutions that fit into the scale of the clients we’re working with. AEK hires and nurtures the brightest young marketers and empowers them with a platform and environment that adds science, process and data to their creative talents to truly make an impact and stand out from the crowd.  

 “Normal gets you nowhere” 

As per our motto, we avoid over-simplification of marketing funnels and don’t templatise for the sake of convenience. Instead, we take an approach that is focused on each campaign being heavily customised by mapping audience segments and their respective path to conversion. Moving away (as much as possible) from delivering ‘traditional’ services-based marketing of SEO and Paid Media, to a holistic approach centred around the customer journey that’s agnostic of channel.    

What was AEK Media recognised for?  
CDLA’s journey from a 2-man operation to one of Sydney’s most prominent law firms. 

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (CDLA) has evolved from a humble two-person operation to a leading criminal law firm in Sydney. With AEK Media by their side, CDLA has surged forward, establishing itself among the nation’s top senior criminal lawyers. 

To drive business growth and quality new leads, we implemented a pragmatic SEO approach that aligned closely with CDLA’s core service range. We not only targeted commercial-focused search terms yet also strategically established rankings for discovery search terms, capturing the attention of potential leads at the beginning of their journey and fostering early trust. 

Propelling Art of Living to the forefront of the Australian market. 

The Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO engaged in stress management and service initiatives. Building traction overseas, Art of Living wanted to initiate their presence in the Australian market provide the same level of education & care that had proven so effective elsewhere. We incorporated a multi-faceted campaign of which we touched all elements of the customer journey: from content strategy & production, website design and brand development, and technical SEO.  We strategically leveraged search to acquire visitors into our funnel and coupled this with creatives to tell the remainder of the story through more engaging visuals and emotive content. This genuine focus on helping people’s lives through helpful content that speaks to each point of their journey drove high-converting growth for Art of Living’s customer base and presence in Australia; outperforming the goal set out with the client. 

What this recognition means to us. 

Our rapid growth over a few short years, whilst maintaining an exceptional client retention rate truly exemplifies the harmonious blend of quality and scale our team achieved. The recognition from Global Search Awards means so much as this couldn’t have come without every team member going over-and-above for their clients. We are not just a business but a team of talented marketers & web designers who love what we do. We are thankful to be given the opportunity to leverage own experiences and entrepreneurial journeys to make a real difference and create genuine growth outcomes for our clients. To be recognised for it, is the cherry on top. 

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