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Celebrating Excellence: Impressive Agency Nominated Across Nine Categories for the Global Search Awards

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Published Date 03.07.2023

As we approach the midpoint of 2023, our SEO and content team here at Impressive have ample reason to celebrate – we’ve secured nine nominations in the highly anticipated Global Search Awards!

It’s a great accomplishment for our team at Impressive to have our wide range of campaigns across different sectors and sizes recognised by the 2023 Global Search Awards.

  • Impressive & Kogan – Against the Odds: Celebrating Growth in a Challenging Marketplace
  • Impressive & Base22 – Transformative Organic Growth
  • Impressive & Hard Yakka – Embracing Change: Letting Content and Data Drive Growth
  • Impressive & Sunyee – Fuel to drive engaging traffic
  • Impressive & Centennial Living – Location, Location, Location
  • Impressive & Top Fitness – Crushing Revenue Goals Together
  • Impressive & Synergie Skin – Clear Skin, Clear Search: Unlocking Skin Deep Search Potential
  • Impressive & Zanui – Furnishing Success: Scaling Online Presence with Programmatic SEO
  • Impressive & Tactical Edge – Reclaiming the Digital Frontline with SEO

It’s been a big year for our team, and we’ve learnt a lot from the nominated search campaigns. Here are a few key things that we’ve gathered and implemented throughout our journey in the digital marketing realm. 

  • Gaining the client’s trust is key – Our client Tactical Edge sought a transparent partnership to address declining traffic and revenue since January 2022. After analysing the navigation and data, we devised a strategy to remove low-value pages, optimise high-potential ones, and streamline cluttered site navigation. Extensive content pruning was implemented by our specialists based on data from various tools. A new, revenue-focused navigation structure was rolled out, prioritising key categories like ‘Pistols & Rifles’.
  • Dive deep into the client’s product offering – our client Kogan boasts a huge eCommerce website with a variety of products. However, due to the website’s old setup and lack of fine-tuning, it wasn’t performing as well as hoped in organic search results. The plan? Our team carried out a detailed technical SEO analysis to boost the website’s visibility. Given the size of the website, the focus was put on the most profitable categories. The approach involved a comprehensive audit to pinpoint and rectify major technical SEO issues. It also included thorough optimisation of main and subcategory pages. Plus, we tackled duplication across category pages that were causing keyword confusion. The result? Better site performance and more effective visibility for Kogan’s key products.
  • Think outside the box for your SEO tactics – Zanui’s web traffic was dwindling yearly, owing to broader industry trends. To counteract this, we spotted a chance to build many ‘Long Tail’ landing pages, aiming to quickly bring more targeted visitors to the site. Teaming up with the client, Impressive took on an innovative approach called Programmatic SEO. This allowed us to build a large number of specific landing pages quickly. Together, we devised a plan for this SEO strategy and shared it with Zanui’s tech team. This teamwork led to the launch of ‘Enrichment’, an in-house project at Zanui. Using PHP, ‘Enrichment’ successfully created over 3,000 landing pages in less than four months.
  • Ensure clients understand the benefits of what you do – Centennial Living’s website was not attracting enough visitors because its content was too general. To improve its visibility and appeal to people looking for retirement villages in Melbourne, we made specific pages for each region with relevant keywords. We also improved the existing pages, Google My Business listings, and curated blog posts tailored to specific locations, highlighting senior-friendly activities. By doing this, we showed the benefits of choosing Centennial Living’s retirement communities and attracted more visitors to the website.

Our current nominations are the perfect reminder of all the hard work Impressive has put in since our humble beginnings in 2016. Through recognition by our peers in the Global Search Awards, we’ve created a name for ourselves as the go-to agency for companies looking to kickstart or re-energise their performance marketing campaigns.

From our Head of SEO and Content, Sam Makwana:

“I am incredibly proud of the work that the SEO and Content team have achieved throughout 2022 and 2023, and the fact that our peers have recognised this work with nine Global Search Awards nominations is terrific. We work hard to achieve the best results for our clients, and as a team, we are grateful for the recognition. 

These nominations are a testament to the significant growth and innovation our agency has showcased in recent years, as they recognise the multitude of internal initiatives led by our SEO and content team. From championing innovation and rese

arch to driving development efforts, our team consistently strives to push boundaries and deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

Impressive is about one thing – delivering incredibly Impressive results for our ambitious clients. It has been a privilege to help our clients scale their metaphorical mountains – and reaching the summit to find our Global Search Awards nominations is the added bonus to watching our clients succeed. 

You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – eagerly awaiting the results of the 2023 Global Search Awards!

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