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Harbingers Shortlisted for 10 Global Search Awards!

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Published Date 28.06.2023

Harbingers comprise a team of fervent professionals boasting a distinctive blend of expertise, cultivated over a decade. As a marketing agency, we empower businesses to thrive dynamically and secure leading positions online. Our strategies, rooted in years of experience, bolster our Partners’ revenue by adeptly integrating four key domains: Analytics, Social Media, Technology, and Creation. Utilizing our core competencies, which include SEO, Content Marketing, website and e-commerce optimization, along with Google Ads, SEM, and Facebook Ads campaigns, we consistently demonstrate our unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges. Our relentless dedication propels our Partners to soar to new business heights.

This year, we have been nominated in 10 categories of the competition Global Search Awards:

Best Use Of Search — Finance (PPC) (Large) & Most Innovative Campaign (PPC) Harbingers & KPR Kancelaria Restrukturyzacyjna – Optimising and scaling of developed solutions

Year after year, we steadfastly bolster NRP law firm’s stature as an industry frontrunner. In endeavors like this, rendering tangible assistance fills us with immense gratification. We are convinced that by engaging users in need through advertising, we effectuate meaningful change in lives. Our achievements fill us with pride, yet we recognize that this is merely a juncture in our journey. Our objective is to extend our reach to an ever-expanding array of users.

Best Use Of Search — Travel/ Leisure (PPC) (Large) Harbingers & Kopalnia Soli “Wieliczka” – The mine of attractions for everybody

The challenge that the Mine, like the entire tourism industry, had to overcome was travel restrictions resulting from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which have drastically reduced the number of tourists. During the pandemic, we focused on promoting its image, so as not to lose the strength of the brand. Our joint pursuit of the goal and mutual understanding has resulted in improved performance.

Best Use Of Search – Fashion (Large) Harbingers & Lancerto S.A. – Follow the trends and look good in the search engine!

LANCERTO is a premium men’s fashion brand, which has been on the market since 2008. Our partnership started in September 2020, and early in 2021, despite the downturn in the Polish economy, we set very ambitious goals. In 2022, we have decided not to slow down and to continue our operations, updating our strategy. We prove that with the right strategy, which is based on hard data, creativity and the ability to adapt to the situation. We are able to achieve excellent organic search results and recognition!

Best Use Of Search — B2C (PPC) Harbingers & Wawel – 100% taste, sugar-free or with sugar added

Wawel, the Polish traditional manufacturer of confectioneries, faced the challenge—how to become the leader in the Polish confectionery market? We focused on selecting most popular, occasional, and Premium Wawel products. Distinguishing the unique line “Sugar-free Wawel” was also important, and we smartly combined this with a healthy answer to consumer needs.  Our campaign is distinguished by 2 areas: communication and advertising channels used, aim and mission underlying conducted activities.

Best Use Of Search – B2B (PPC) Harbingers & Enova – winning companies for cooperation

Enova, a company focused on solutions for enterprises, faced a challenge—how to become a leader in this highly competitive market? We stepped in and decided to contribute to Enova’s success, by supporting the brand in becoming a clear leader. Within a short period of time we gained many leads, increased users’ interest in the brand, and increased the number of conversions from outside the Google Ads campaign.

Best Use Of Data (SEO) (Large) Harbingers & BoboWózki – Improve your SEO activities using data & Best Use Of Search – Retail / eCommerce (PPC) Harbingers & BoboWózki – Become the online market leader

From the beginning, the cooperation was based on conscious, synergistic marketing activities in the online area, in order to increase the share in the e-commerce market. Harbingers helped BoboWózki in effectively and consistently building a leading position in the industry of prams and child seats in e-commerce.

Best Local Campaign (PPC) (Large) Harbingers & 9design – Profits in the furniture industry with rising inflation

9design offers its customers premium class furniture from the world’s top brands. At the beginning of 2022, while working with a client, we encountered a challenge. Difficult time for the furniture industry—rising mortgage prices and high inflation have reduced the number of apartments purchased, and thus renovations or even minor changes that we carry out in our 4 corners. A problem for us is an opportunity in disguise, which is why we set ourselves ambitious plans. Due to the situation in the world, we have set ourselves a goal to maintain high profitability of the Partner.

Best Use of Content Marketing Harbingers&Inter Cars – INTERactive CARcontent upholding social responsibility

InterCars – is the leader of the automotive market in Central and Eastern Europe, which bases its business on the B2B client. From the very beginning, we outlined a road map for reach all groups at each stage of the sales funnel, starting with those who do not know the brand, and ending with those who already decided to purchase the product.

Each of the nominations is a great honor for us. We would also like to thank our Partners for their trust and long-term cooperation, which translates into great results and joint successes, such as these! We also do not forget about our specialists, without whom it would not be possible to pierce ceilings so effectively!

We are looking forward to the announcement of the results!

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