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TIDAL DIGITAL’s Achievements At The 2023 Global Search Awards

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Published Date 27.06.2023

TIDAL Digital is an award-winning performance marketing agency (notably, a previous Global Search Award winner) working in the frontier of the digital landscape. Our expertise includes SEO, PPC, and optimising conversions. At the core of our business model is our appetite for data and our relentless drive to use it in every facet of what we do. Every decision we make and every campaign we launch is backed by hard data, which allows us to achieve the kind of results that make clients happy and win us international search awards. Join us as we look at the great work we have been nominated for this year and celebrate our team’s achievements. 

The Work That Got Us Nominated This Year

We are finalists in five different categories, representing a total of three campaigns for three clients (Rolls-Royce, Bode Living, and Goodrays). The work we did for these clients continues to bear fruit and is evidence that our strategic approach produces excellent results. 

Our nominations can be broken down as follows:

  • Rolls-Royce (“Elegance & Power”) – Best Use Of Search (Automotive)
  • Rolls-Royce (“Elegance & Power”) – Best MENA PPC Campaign
  • Rolls-Royce (“Elegance & Power”) – Best Use Of Search, B2C (PPC)
  • Bode Living (“The Future Bodes Well”) – Best Use Of Social Media In A Search Campaign
  • Goodrays (“From David to Goliath”) – Best UK SEO Campaign

None of these campaigns were overnight sensations or quick fixes. Instead, they are the result of countless hours of hard work and extensive research. In short, we didn’t just get lucky – we worked for it. The data we collected and the observations we made helped to guide the formulation and implementation of each campaign, with the carefully-planned strategy being the only pathway to success.

Rolls-Royce: Elegance & Power

In 2022, we faced the challenge of generating relevant leads for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars within limited digital media spend budgets across 9 MEA countries. Our target market was the elusive Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in the Middle East. We strategically narrowed our targeting, explored new advertising channels, and aimed to reach the upper echelons of society. Our refined targeting approach resulted in impressive increases in Paid Ad Link CTR, average monthly website leads, and clicks on Google Ads. Our newly launched channels achieved significant impressions and post engagements, demonstrating exceptional performance and expanded reach.

Bode Living: The Future Bodes Well

Bode Living underwent a major rebranding in 2022, leading to the need for a fresh marketing strategy (especially in light of the 2022 financial crisis that hit the luxury goods industry harder than any other). Despite limited historical data, we adopted an exploratory approach and set realistic (and yet also optimistic) goals for revenue, ROAS, website sessions, and eCommerce conversion. The first six months were crucial, and we successfully surpassed our targets. Through a strategic omnichannel campaign, including Paid Social, Meta ads, and Google Ads, we obtained high-quality traffic and achieved a strong ROAS. The use of a custom event we called “Engaged Visit” helped us optimise our campaigns and generated positive outcomes. Selective product messaging and strategic ad campaigns further highlighted Bode Living’s brand identity. Overall, the campaign was highly successful, improving brand awareness, loyalty, and revenue.

Goodrays: From David to Goliath

In the fourth quarter of 2021, we secured a contract with Goodrays, a new brand in the emerging UK CBD market. Despite restrictions on promoting cannabis-related products, our SEO team took charge and embraced the challenge. Our goals included increasing visibility, improving organic traffic, keyword rankings, and organic transactions. Through competitor audits, optimised content creation, and strategic backlink building, we aimed to position Goodrays as a thought leader. In 2022, our SEO strategy exceeded expectations with a significant increase in organic (pun intended) traffic, a reduction in bounce rate, and a notable boost in organic transactions. This campaign is a good example of the power of effective SEO in a highly competitive industry. In essence, it is the story of David beating Goliath!

How These Nominations Have Inspired Our Team

Our team worked tirelessly on these campaigns, with their hard work being validated by each percentage point increase in the criteria we set initially and with each milestone surpassed. 

This is what they had to say:

“I worked my a** off. I was essentially in the trenches, scraping together every byte of data I could get my hands on. But instead of throwing everything at the wall and hoping something would stick, I used my instincts and extensive industry experience to work a little bit of magic. I learned a lot in the last year. But it was really a team effort.” – Jacob Hamilton, Performance Marketing Manager

“I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with two remarkable clients, Rolls-Royce and Bode Living. It’s been an absolute thrill collaborating with Rolls-Royce, a true icon of luxury and artistry. And working alongside Bode Living, a small business with a big passion for Danish homeware, has been a joy. Being nominated for the Global Search Awards feels like a genuine honour, and I’m grateful to have been part of these extraordinary journeys. I definitely didn’t ask ChatGPT to write this testimonial for me.” – Christina Charalambous, Digital Account Executive

“I think my team members are the stars of the show. Everyone contributed their fair share of blood and sweat (and perhaps a few tears) to ensure we got the results we not only wanted but also knew we could achieve. As Director of TIDAL, I am very proud of what we have done and I cannot wait to get started on the next batch of award-winning campaigns. See you in 2024!” – Liam Troughton, Co-Founder & Director of TIDAL, Head of SEO

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