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Sillyfish Shortlisted for Two 2023 Global Search Awards

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Published Date 27.06.2023

We’re very excited to have been shortlisted for the Global Search Awards for both Best Use of Data (PPC) and Best Use of Search – Finance (PPC) for the work we’ve been doing with Pets on Me Insurance.

At Sillyfish, we work hard to deliver world-class data-driven digital marketing strategies to help grow our client’s digital landscape, from Performance Marketing to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and being a part of Venetian Media Group is definitely what makes us stand out amongst competitors.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in a highly competitive space for a small newcomer business where we’re wanting to make our mark in the pet insurance industry.

Our cases:

Sillyfish & Pets on Me:

Pets on Me Insurance is a new entrant in the Australian pet insurance industry and with 238,000 monthly search queries for pet insurance, it’s a highly competitive market, with established brands like RSPCA and Woolworths largely dominating the space. The key objectives we were given were to focus on cut-through, to out-shout competition and displace their position by being the consumer choice of pet insurance.

The challenge was to focus on acquiring online sales with little to no brand awareness. We aligned on an objective to sell Deluxe plan (coverage of $15,000) sales and here’s how we made sure to achieve those goals by using a strategy that couldn’t have been executed simply by depending on the platform alone, but fortunately, our planning and execution drove exceptional outcomes for the brand.

This campaign has proved to be a smart approach to acquiring customers and has already won the Best Use of Search for Finance in the APAC Search Awards.

This strategic thinking backed by data points, gave Pets on Me fast growth in less than a year of the brand and has won awards from Australia’s trusted – Canstar (one) and Mozo Expert Choice (three).

Nominated for:

Best Use of Search – Finance (PPC): We named our campaign “Puppies for Christmas” and leveraged the insight that pet adoption and purchases spike towards Christmas, so we deployed a contextual strategy that displayed relevant search ads anytime a user searched for pet adoption or purchase query, enabling Pets on Me to attain efficient outcomes for a low cost.

Our creation of a bespoke landing page that focused on the type of pet – dog, cat, puppy or kitten, meant we could build relevant content and strengthen our quality score for the keywords we bid on which had medium to low competition, again enabling efficient outcomes for a low cost. This approach also helped us tackle the challenge of limited ad units on the Google search page.

We also focused on winning the ad position and a low Cost per acquisition (CPA) and not focusing on Cost per click (CPC), which helped us win more bids but not capping CPC and getting the landing page to influence the potential customers by the support of creative responsive text ads, that subtly indicated the added expenses that come with pets, and how Pets on Me could help minimise these expenses.

Best Use of Data (PPC): Commspoint showed that pet owners use search as a research platform to get more info on all things related to purchasing/adopting a pet. The Google Ads Keyword Planner showed that search terms included terminology such as “things to keep in mind when owning a pet”, “expense of having a pet” and “taking care of a pet”. When we did a deep dive into the type of queries, we noticed these usually had a spike every December using tools like Google Trends. This helped us understand the seasonal trend. Tools like SEMRush helped shortlist the long-tail keywords that were closer to decision-making in the marketing funnel. Lastly, to attract customers, we sweeten the deal, we ran offer-based ads that gave two months of free insurance coverage as a part of our ad messaging to increase the chances of click-throughs and conversion.

We then used this information to deploy a contextual strategy by displaying relevant search ads anytime the user searched for pet adoption or purchase terms and marketed our ads to target keywords ‘where to buy a puppy’, ‘adopt a dog’, etc as these search terms were less competitive, making it easy to convert existing and potential pet purchasers.

Even though the keyword relevance was low in our text ad, our creative approach was to give enough reasons to the user to click through on our ad with strong offers – 2 months free insurance, up to 100% claims on vet bills, claims payouts within 2 days, etc, we also mentioned what the insurance would cover and how it is better than the other insurance products in the market.

Because we focused on winning the ad position and a low cost per acquisition (CPA) and not focusing on cost per Click (CPC), this approach helped us win more bids without capping CPC to get the landing page to convert the potential customers.

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