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SEM Agency Orange Juice Shortlisted in 2023 Global Search Awards

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Published Date 27.06.2023

Orange Juice is a boutique advertising agency that has been on the Polish market for over 12 years. During this time we have worked for clients of all sizes, from virtually all industries. The agency’s founders Łukasz Wnuk and Krzysztof Czyżykiewicz participated in the Google AdWords Certified Trainer program and were among the 33-person Google Poland trainer team. They trained a total of 1,367 people on Google Ads and Google Analytics, spending 480 hours on individual consultations.

Although the agency from the beginning was focused on Google Ads and Google Analytics, with the passage of time and market demand we are becoming a 360 agency, which, among others, supports more advertising platforms Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Bing Ads, DV360 Ads. Thanks to our proven and trusted partners, we successfully implement a number of other services, such as rebranding, websites, copywriting, and public relations. Our advantage in the Polish market is, among others, access to the Google Marketing Platform tool, thanks to which we have carried out custom campaigns using, for example, Spotify Ads, Rich Media advertising or Digital Out-of-Home advertising.

We are certified as a Google Partner, which confirms our high-quality services and extensive experience. Our team regularly participates in training sessions to ensure the highest efficiency in Google advertising campaigns. In addition, our work has been recognized by the renowned Polish marketplace Allegro, placing us on the list of its partners. We are one of six companies in Poland to be certified in the Performance category, dedicated to agencies for which web analytics is the key to successful sales on Allegro auctions.

Application to the competition

Our clients often say that cooperation with us is crucial to their business and that they see the results all the time. We have never participated in industry competitions, which we decided to change. The Global Search Awards competition was a jump in the deep end for us, due to the fact that we were competing against agencies from all over the world. We developed what we thought were the two most interesting case studies in two categories, and both were awarded by the jury.

The Pixel XL case study was a challenge for us due to low brand recognition. We usually work with companies that already have some standing in the market. Belief in the client’s product and our own skills resulted in the decision to take on the challenge. We combined the forces of Google Ads and Meta Ads to do something great and succeed. The result? Faster decisions by the client to expand the premises to increase the number of people served per hour and faster plans to open premises in more cities.

Case study line painting, on the other hand, was a challenge due to the nature of the service. Painting and removing lines in parking lots or halls is not an obvious service, and the size of the target audience is limited. However, we succeeded here as well, and in addition to Google Ads campaigns, we also carried out a rebranding of the client’s company, taking into account the new website and custom Rich Media type creations, broadcast in DV360 structures.

Appreciation of our work and becoming finalists in an international competition is a big surprise for us, but also a huge motivation for further work and development in what we are best at. Praise from within the company or praise from a client is very important and we are grateful for each one, but to have our work appreciated by complete strangers who don’t know us, don’t know our work standards and have never heard of us is an amazing achievement. It is confirmation to us that what we do makes sense and that we really are good at it. We are not resting on our laurels and will go for more in the next edition of the competition. We have clear goals in front of us that we are aiming for and we know that with our commitment we will be able to achieve them.

CEO, Lukasz Wnuk, said: “I want to thank our clients for the trust they place in us. It is thanks to you that we are able to develop our skills, refine our strategies and create innovative campaigns that deliver outstanding results. I want to thank my team for their commitment to work and passion for development. You drive me to go to bed early and get up early in the morning to work hard for our collective success. I am proud of you guys!”

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