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rankingCoach is a Finalist at the 2023 Global Search Awards

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Published Date 27.06.2023

rankingCoach, the leading digital marketing solutions provider, is delighted to be recognized as a finalist for the prestigious Global Search Awards. The awards celebrate excellence in the digital marketing industry, highlighting the achievements of companies that push boundaries and deliver innovative solutions. rankingCoach is particularly proud to be competing for the coveted title of Best Software Innovation. In this article, we’ll look closer at rankingCoach’s new Online Presence & Web Reputation concept. It’s an important addition to their marketing solutions to help businesses boost online visibility and reputation

Designed to help businesses boost online visibility and reputation, Online Presence and Web Reputation empower SMBs to reach the best-in-class in the competitive digital landscape.

rankingCoach‘s Mission: Empowering SMBs to Be Successful Online

rankingCoach’s aims to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to thrive in the digital field, regardless of their digital marketing experience or expertise. By providing resellable marketing solutions, including SEO, listings, brand monitoring, Google Ads, and mobile and social media marketing, rankingCoach offers SMBs the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in the competitive online landscape.

Introducing Online Presence & Web Reputation

rankingCoach’s latest innovation, Online Presence & Web Reputation, marks a significant milestone in their journey. The Online Presence Suite rollout will allow for a seamless experience for the user throughout all parts of the feature, including Online Presence, Web reputation, and Google Business Profile connection or creation. The new release will provide the user with in-depth information on all aspects of the online presence of their business.

The Online Presence feature aims to allow for the coherent creation or connection of the Google Business Profile to remove any hassle or roadblocks users may find challenging to overcome and provide a simple and easy solution for those with limited knowledge of the data required for this. In addition, the online presence feature offers comprehensive knowledge allowing users to understand which aspects of their business are performing well online and which would need improving.

Web reputation aims to provide the user with a simple way to understand, grow and maintain a positive business reputation online. Through extensive reporting, competitor comparisons, and review management, users can cultivate and preserve their business’s position online.

Unleashing the Power of Online Presence

The Online Presence & Web Reputation concept offers a holistic approach to online visibility, direct customer communication, and progress tracking, all within the rankingCoach platform. SMBs can now comprehend the significance of maintaining consistent local listings by leveraging this innovative solution, businesses can engage with customers effectively, establish credibility, and monitor their progress with ease.

The Benefits of Online Presence & Web Reputation

Enhanced Visibility: Through optimized local listings, SMBs can increase their visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to discover their products or services.

Competitive Advantage: An impressive online presence sets businesses apart from competitors, instilling trust and confidence among customers.

Progress Monitoring: With intuitive tracking features, SMBs can measure the effectiveness of their online presence strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize their performance further.

Key capabilities:

  • Import or create a business profile
  • Fine-tune your profile by adding attributes and services
  • Automatically publish the business profile in up to 46 online directories
  • Showcase your products, create events and offers, and directly chat with your clients
  • Insights about how your customers find you, their actions, and other vital information
  • Monitor reviews from multiple platforms in one place
  • Respond to reviews quickly with predefined or automatic replies
  • Invite your best clients to leave reviews via SMS or email 
  • Download ready-to-use print materials that have a QR code to help clients leave a review
  • Insights about your reputation rate & comparison with direct competitors

Key takeaway

rankingCoach’s recognition as a finalist for the Global Search Awards is a testament to their unwavering commitment to empowering SMBs with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. The launch of the Online Presence & Web Reputation concept represents a significant milestone in their journey, revolutionizing the way SMBs establish and enhance their online presence. By leveraging this innovative solution, businesses can achieve remarkable growth, even without extensive digital marketing experience. rankingCoach continues to evolve, delivering new features and solutions that propel its users’ online success, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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