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Megantic’s Strategy Shines Bright as a Finalist in 12 Awards

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Published Date 27.06.2023

Megantic, a global eCommerce-focused Organic Search (SEO) specialist agency based in Australia, continues to make significant strides for eCommerce businesses in a variety of industries.


Megantic has been shortlisted for 12 Global Search Awards


Best Global Large SEO Agency

Megantic’s focus on technical organic SEO exclusively for eCommerce businesses shows our dedication and speciality in our field. We continue to grow as a business whilst delivering amazing results. We now have over 130 staff worldwide, 90+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars, and have been in business for over ten years.


Direct Wholesale

  • Best Global SEO Campaign
  • Best Use of Search – B2B
  • Best Integrated Campaign (partnered entry with ad agency, Adcore)

We challenged ourselves to innovate with Direct Wholesale and went back to the data, leveraging proprietary technology and systems to find new ways to grow their key metrics. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together in a short period of time and have delivered significant increases in UX, SEO, PPC and overall business metrics. Read more.


Military Shop

  • Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce
  • Best Use of Data

By addressing mobile navigation issues, enhancing the user experience, fixing technical errors, acquiring links, and expanding their audience, Military Shop now reaches a broader audience and has increased their brand visibility. Read more.


Supplement Mart

  • Best Use of Search – Health
  • Best Use of Search – FMCG

Most M2-to-Shopify migrations fail, or at best have a 12-month recovery, but we were able to minimise the damage and return the site to keyword growth in just 6 months. Our careful prep and strategy enabled sharp (and sustained) keyword and traffic growth. Read more.


S-kin Studio

  • Best Use of Search – Fashion
  • Best Low Budget Campaign

S-kin Studio has been the shining success story of Megantic’s Shopify campaigns in 2023, particularly in the highly competitive fashion category. This is a significant accomplishment, considering the current economic climate in Australia where consumers are spending less on discretionary items.


Scooter Village

  • Best Use of Search – Travel / Leisure

Scooter Village needed to turn a traffic and sales slump around. By discovering new markets and opening up search-opportunities, we found new users and generated organic revenue. After meeting and exceeding our original goals, Scooter Village is now dominating their market.


Road Runner Offroad

  • Best Use of Search – Automotive

By addressing the URL site architecture, out of stock issues and enhancing the user experience, we have pushed Organic Search up into the top performing channel for Road Runner Offroad.



What it means to our team


Being named finalists for 12 awards at the Global Search Awards holds a huge significance for our team. It not only affirms our position as leaders in the industry but also boosts our motivation to continuously push boundaries and deliver exceptional results for our clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to compete alongside the best in the industry.


“Entering the Global Search Awards is not just about recognition, but also about pushing ourselves to constantly improve and deliver outstanding results for our clients.”

– Blake Townsend, Technical Project Lead


“Being a finalist at the Global Search Awards is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. It’s a proud moment for us, knowing that our innovative strategy and exceptional results have been acknowledged on a global stage.”

– Emily Bencsics, Marketing & Digital Coordinator


“Awards like this are incredibly important. By highlighting those who are doing extraordinary things in the digital space, these awards lift up the entire industry.”

– Heath Hamilton, Technical Project Lead


The winning strategy that sets us apart from other agencies


Over the last ten years, we have refined a three stage approach with over 400+ clients and across 60+ industries. We focus on improving a website’s visibility and attracting more customers. By optimising URLs and categories based on data, we can boost a website’s discoverability via search and increase sales. Our goal is to drive more revenue by bringing in new customers through organic search.


Our strategy begins with an extensive research phase, which usually spans around 4 weeks. This crucial stage is where we delve into understanding a business, their goals, and their target audience. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to building a solid foundation by getting to know our clients better. While other agencies may rush into optimisation tactics, we prioritise establishing a strong relationship that positions us as trusted eCommerce partners.


Next, comes our technical SEO implementation stage. Using the data we have gathered, we will create new pages that target the entire online market, creating new entry points to websites. Each entry point will be a product category page that ideal customers are actively searching for. By prioritising customer experience and attracting educated customers who are specifically looking for products, revenue and conversion rates will increase.


After we have implemented the ideal website structure, we will continue to provide on-page, off-page and technical SEO strategies. Our team is always adapting and optimising our client’s websites to keep up with market changes. They track and report regularly on our activities and results, keeping clients up to date on how their website is performing.



Consistency and expertise are essential for exceptional SEO results


Megantic is a leading Organic Search (SEO) specialist agency based in Australia, dedicated to eCommerce. A multiple award-winning global agency, Megantic has created a unique strategy for online retailers that enables them to target educated customers that are traditionally ignored by most SEO campaigns and substantially grow their online revenue.


With offices in the UK, Macedonia, Canada and a flagship office in Australia,

Megantic is used by many of Australia’s top brands like The Good Guys, Forty Winks, Aquila and Cargo Crew.


Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Written by Emily Bencsics, Marketing & Digital Coordinator at Megantic.

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