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14x Global Search Awards Finalist: Victorious Flips the Script With SEO Content

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Published Date 22.06.2023

How did we go from a fledgling company driving average value for customers to providing remarkable results and getting shortlisted for 14 Global Search Awards? With dedication and some seriously great SEO content services.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the SEO services we provide — we’re more than just an SEO agency, we’re a people-first partner. Our whole-hearted conviction in organic search as a marketing pipeline is supported by our talented team and collaborative customers — a combination that creates some truly extraordinary campaigns.

Victorious has been shortlisted for 14 2023 Global Search Awards, including Best Global Large SEO Agency and the following:

Tarte Cosmetics:

  • Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce (SEO): Large
  • Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO): Large
  • Most Innovative Campaign (SEO): Large
  • Best Global SEO Campaign: Large
  • Best Use of Content Marketing: Large
  • Best US SEO Campaign


  • Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce (SEO): Large
  • Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO): Large
  • Best US SEO Campaign

A Cloud Hosting Service

  • Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO): Large

The Legal Defense Fund

  • Best Use of Search – Not for Profit: Large
  • Best Global SEO Campaign: Large
  • Best US SEO Campaign

A Content Makeover Takes Tarte to the Top of SERPs and Drives Revenue

When we first met Tarte in 2022, they were feeling a bit defeated after losing half of their monthly paid promotions that were responsible for a big portion of their organic traffic. Without these monthly sales events, they’d need another way to drive organic traffic and generate revenue. 

However, they lacked a robust blog to support their sudden pivot to organic search. 

To kick off Tarte’s strategy, we created search-optimized content for their core category pages and wrote targeted blogs to amplify the topical authority signals of their core categories. The optimized content on their blog proved to be a big organic traffic generator, launching Tarte to the top of SERPs — even earning them a featured snippet — within just a few months. 

Tarte was pleasantly surprised and realized they could leverage unpaid search tactics in a way they never thought possible for a 2,983% ROI. What once felt like a heavy blow quickly turned into excitement for their long-term SEO strategy.

Unboxme Unlocks High-Conversion Traffic With Search-Optimized Content

Aiming to connect with more gifters during the holiday season, UnboxMe set out to grow their revenue from organic traffic. 

But as a relatively new business (founded in 2020), their site traffic wasn’t where they wanted it to be. At the time, they lacked a blog and the internal resources to build out content. On top of that, UnboxMe’s search performance suffered due to technical problems from incorrect web implementation. 

To set them on the right path, we cleared up technical roadblocks and built out a content plan that included keyword-rich blog posts and optimized core pages that aligned with their audience’s interests and search intent.

Not only did we exceed UnboxMe’s expectations with a 13,609% boost in organic traffic, but we strengthened this small business’s organic search presence and return on investment with time-tested methodologies — proving that even a new-to-the-scene small business with limited resources can earn huge gains with an SEO-aligned content plan.

Leveraging Content Doubles Organic Traffic for Cloud Hosting Services

In September 2021, a cloud hosting provider came to Victorious with a significant challenge: a loss of 80,000 branded and non-branded keywords caused by a botched site migration. They had also incurred a manual action penalty from Google that severely impacted their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

With such a significant loss in keywords and a manual action penalty blocking their recovery, the company was stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

But we’re not afraid of a challenge.

Victorious began by enhancing existing content on the company’s core pages and providing SEO content briefs designed to boost topical authority signals for essential search terms. Guided by these briefs, the company’s in-house team created quality, helpful content that attracted organic traffic, expanded their topical authority, and signaled trust.

Newly optimized pages also served as a destination for backlinks that would balance their link profile and support rank retention for important keywords. 

As for the manual action, we guided the company in crafting their reconsideration request to Google, highlighting their commitment to providing a trustworthy user experience which prompted Google to lift the penalty.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles this cloud hosting provider faced, our campaign simultaneously resolved their urgent needs, doubled their organic traffic year-over-year, and laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and long-term strategic development.

A Content-Focused Strategy Doubles Organic Impact for the Legal Defense Fund 

The Legal Defense Fund tirelessly advocates for racial justice, focusing on the rights of the Black community in America. To engage more supporters and foster solidarity in the pursuit of racial equity, increasing their online visibility was vital.

However, as a large organization in the legal space, a complex and lengthy approval process for implementing changes on their website limited the ability to edit core pages or make significant changes to site content.

Not to mention, the unpredictability of current events like elections, new supreme court rulings, and incidents of police brutality made it challenging for the understaffed team to cover current events and navigate the ever-changing nature of related search trends. 

That’s where we stepped in for support. 

Since the Legal Defense Fund’s content focuses on niche social justice issues, their content creation efforts require in-depth, specialized knowledge and significant resources to cover newsworthy topics promptly. 

Victorious supported the Legal Defense Fund’s news-related content by enriching high-performing articles and adding optimized FAQ sections to pages without making changes that required legal review. 

Since our team is well-versed in social justice subject matters, we were able to provide useful insights for their overall content strategy and pinpoint high-value areas where they could maximize the return on their SEO investment.

We also identified critical keywords and focused on optimizing evergreen content that could provide long-term value to the Legal Defense Fund’s SEO success without straining internal resources.

The result? A boost in both branded and non-branded keywords and more than double the organic traffic as the previous year. 

Despite facing unprecedented challenges, including the residual loss of charitable funding caused by the economic impact of COVID-19 and a seemingly endless string of high-profile racial injustices, our work with the Legal Defense Fund showcases the immense potential of a people-first SEO partnership — one that transcends traditional business relationships and contributes to a broader vision of change.

Sustainable Wins With SEO

What do all these success stories have in common? A people-first partnership and a focus on search-optimized content. 

We’ve always believed in search as a sustainable marketing pipeline, but being shortlisted for several awards is an invigorating confirmation. It’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and continuous drive for excellence. 

As we look to the future, we hold true to what we set out to do: draw on our wealth of knowledge and make impactful recommendations that help our customers thrive. 

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