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Spotlight on Fingerspitz: A five-fold Finalist at the Global Search Awards

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Published Date 21.06.2023

Netherlands-based, award-winning digital marketing agency, Fingerspitz, has earned five nominations as a finalist in an impressive five categories at the Global Search Awards. This blog post provides a closer look at this distinguished agency and an overview of the nominated campaign. Could they clinch a victory in categories such as Best Low Budget Campaign, Best Use of B2C Search, Best Integrated Campaign, Most Innovative Campaign, or Best European PPC Campaign?

The Fingerspitz Legacy: Innovators in Digital Marketing

With over a decade of industry presence, Fingerspitz has become synonymous with inventive online growth strategies. Boasting a proficient team of in-house experts in strategy, digital marketing, content creation, and data automation, the agency has truly made its mark.

Fingerspitz has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation, evidenced by their distinction as the Best Agency at the Dutch Search Awards four times in the past five years. Their burgeoning trophy cabinet, filled with national and international marketing awards, speaks volumes about their consistent pursuit of excellence.

Driven by their mission to achieve 1% daily growth in collaboration with their clients, Fingerspitz leverages data-driven insights, innovative ideas, and smart experiments to meet their customers’ needs. The fruition of their unwavering dedication is reflected in their recent nomination.

The nominated case: brand term advertising on Google… do or don’t?

The achievement of this nomination would not have been possible without Fingerspitz’s fruitful collaboration with Cortina, the leading bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. Fingerspitz’s work with Cortina provides a fascinating insight into the campaign that garnered the five-category nomination.

Previously, Cortina primarily allocated their Google Ads budget to branded search terms. With Fingerspitz’s assistance, they remarkably saved 64% of their branded budget while concurrently increasing their overall Google market share.

The innovative approach involved the dynamic balancing of Google’s paid and organic visibility. By integrating the rankings of organic search terms into a database, dashboard, and Google Ads campaign generator daily, Fingerspitz established a system where the better the organic position, the lower the paid presence and ad spend.

Their unique, data-driven, statistically validated, and fully automated solution effectively addresses the branded search incrementality puzzle. It exemplifies how to grow market share without incremental spending – an invaluable strategy given the current economic climate.

Fingerspitz: A Proud Digital Marketing Pioneer

This nomination serves as further evidence of Fingerspitz’s leading position in digital marketing. The team’s tireless efforts to craft innovative campaigns that deliver for clients have once again resulted in remarkable achievements.

The nominations not only validate Fingerspitz’s high-quality work but also reflect the success of their partnership with Cortina. 

Understandably, this significant recognition has sparked immense pride and jubilation within the organization, fueling the team’s motivation to strive for future accolades.

Jaap Jacobs, Managing Director at Fingerspitz, reacted to the nominations, saying, “This is fantastic news! I am incredibly proud of my colleagues. Without their dedication and the successful collaboration with our clients, these smart solutions would not have been possible. We’ll continue to innovate and win, growing 1% every day together with our customers.”

To discover more about Fingerspitz, visit their website and be sure to follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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