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Sempai – Let Us Perform!

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Published Date 21.06.2023

Senpai (Sempai) is a Japanese term for senior person, a senior colleague. 

It is no accident that we chose this name. Working in areas such as SEO, paid search campaigns, or website audit and optimization requires continuous improvement, expanding one’s competence, patience and cooperation.

We manage more than 850 Google Ads accounts. We run high performance campaigns, mainly for clients in the highly competitive e-commerce segment.

We focus on long-term relationships. Our experience has shown that this always pays off the most for all parties. Clients, thanks to long-term and consistent optimization, gain more profits from online sales, while we gain the opportunity for flexible testing and lessons learned, which translates into increased efficiency of ongoing activities for other clients as well.

It works. Regardless of the duration formally included in the original contract, after its expiration, more than 97% of clients continue their campaigns with us, extending the cooperation indefinitely.

We are certified partners:

  • Google Premier Partner
  • Google CSS Partner 
  • Meta for Business
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Allegro Ads Partner+

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Our Team – #Sempaiteam

Sempai’s team is now almost 130 talented people for whom digital marketing is a true passion. 

We have our version of work-life fit. Each of our employees has the opportunity to: choose the model of work and change it during employment, choose the time frame of work, choose the form of employment, leave work earlier and work off the hours another time, take care of private affairs during working hours – simply keep the time and work it off when he/she can return to duties, take an hour break during the day, take 2 weeks of workation.

In the annual survey concerning employee satisfaction – 94% of our team members had a positive opinion on the atmosphere in the company. 

To better represent who we are and how we work, we have prepared a culturebook. It is available online, and each employee received their own printed copy.

Awards – what do they mean to us 

We have been participating in the European Search Awards continuously for 5 years. So far, we have received both nominations and awards.

This year we won an award we really wanted – Best PPC Campaign for the case study of our efforts for our long-time client REA. REA is a bathroom faucet store from Poland, but their ambition is to be a paneuropean brand. We are running Google Ads campaigns for REA in 9 European countries.

  •  Without a doubt, it is the Sempai team headed by Krzysztof Janosiewicz that is the architect of Rea’s overseas success. I am pleased that the European Search Awards Jury has appreciated our work by awarding Sempai the prize for the best search campaign. This not only proves our ability to generate outstanding results at the European level, but also motivates us to continuously improve and raise the bar in our industry. I can’t wait for the results of the Global Search Awards – said Marcin Stando, Client Development Director at Sempai.

Such awards motivate us to achieve even better results, so we plan to submit our best campaigns to the Awards every year. Also, that’s why we decided to submit our entry to Global Search Awards 2023. We are very happy to compete with the best agencies from the whole world. This is an amazing opportunity to see how our work looks compared to other agencies.

We achieved two nominations, of which we are very proud:

  • Best use of Search – automotive: large – Sempai & Carsmile
  • Best european PPC campaign – Sempai & REA
  • I am glad that we are able to combine extensive experience in the advertising industry and strong specialization with new technologies and thus work out maximum efficiency for our clients. I am very proud of the entire Sempai team, they have performance in their blood – said Sebastian Suma, CEO of Sempai

Summary – Sempai in 5 points

We are one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Poland. We have our own work style and principles that we are proud of. We set the directions!

  • partnership and strategic cooperation – we focus on long-term relationships;
  • experienced specialists – the average work experience of a specialist is 4 years;
  • awardsevery year we win the most important industry awards in Poland: semKRK, Performance Marketing Diamonds;
  • we educate – by webinars, blog, expert comments on industry websites and magazines, lectures at conferences and Bialystok University of Technology, organizing barcamp “InCommerce”;
  • charity events – we support a chess team – UKS Hetman Częstochowa, take part in many charity initiatives, we promote health prevention.

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