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Searchmind is honored to be among the last finalists and shortlisted in 4 categories in Global Search Awards 2023

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Published Date 19.06.2023

It is our finest job as a marketing agency to help ecommercers grow their business. Every time we succeed in providing the most efficient performance, our clients succeed in becoming more profitable. That is what drives us and something we are sincerely proud of. 

About Searchmind 

Located in the heart of Aarhus, Searchmind has one main goal: to help businesses unlock their digital potential. We focus on performance throughout the entire digital customer journey, helping our customers grow their businesses, within services such as Performance Marketing, Digital Strategy, Data & Analyze and Creative Performance.  

The key points of our cases

In our collaboration with Rains and Munk Store, we have managed to increase both revenue and organic traffic by incredible results – results that deserve to be recognized. Therefore, we are very pleased to be nominated in four categories, where these two companies are the center of the cases.

Searchmind x Rains

With three out of four nominations about Rains in SEO- and PPC-categories, it is clear that we have made a difference. 
Rains’ goal was to expand to new markets to ensure growth targets, and increase their revenue by 30% across all markets.

In addition, they also wanted to increase growth on the US market focusing on increasing their revenue and organic traffic for 

With the right PPC- and SEO-strategy, we have supported Rains’ international growth journey by expanding to three new markets along with an increase in Google Ads by 53,85%. 

We also managed to increase their revenue with 54,75% through organic traffic, which also increased by 119,68% on 

One of our key points in this partnership has been to collaborate across marketing channels, but also focusing on our clients’ internal departments and keeping everyone in the loop.

Searchmind x Munk Store

Our case with Munk Store is about how we managed to increase their organic traffic by 58,5% focusing on the right users. The campaign was a huge success and at the end of 2022 they also increased their monthly revenue of 177.000 DKK. 

The key points in this collaboration have been to include clients in our production, giving their young staff a ‘voice’ on the website. 

If you want to learn more about how we helped Rains and Munk Store achieve their goals, you can read the cases on our website. 

Searchmind is shortlisted in the following categories: 

  1. Searchmind & Rains: Best Global SEO Campaign: Large 

How an Excerpt of Hundred of Small Things Made the Biggest Difference

  1. Searchmind & Rains: Best Use of Search – Retail/eCommerce: Large

Performance Max Made It Pouring Rains on New Markets

  1. Searchmind & Munk Store: Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO): Large

Increasing Share-of-Voice with Relatable Content

  1. Searchmind & Rains: Best Global PPC Campaign: Large

Performance Max Made it Pouring Rains on New Markets

The impact of being shortlisted to the Global Search Awards

It is a huge acknowledgement to be nominated among the best in the world when it comes to international success in Search Marketing. To be shortlisted in four different categories demonstrates our dedication to our work and our clients. 

We are proud of what we have achieved since our journey’s beginning in 2016. Our business has grown together with our employees. A special thanks to our specialists on the following cases. They have in cooperation with Rains and Munk Store done a remarkable job they can be proud of. 

Winning a Global Search Award is a milestone for Searchmind. Competing in a field with so many skilled and experienced marketing agencies across the world does not come easy. Everyday new standards are set which challenges the industry to be innovative and adaptable. Being shortlisted this year proves that we are a successful agency despite the massive competition we face. 

Our head of SEO Karsten Hansen said: “It is always great to be acknowledged for the work we do in cooperation with our clients. Helping Rains and Munk Store accomplish their goals has been a pleasure – and to be shortlisted in four categories means a lot to us”. 

We are proud and humble of how far we have come and look forward to the Award Ceremony in July. 

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about our work and how we can help you grow your business, visit our website or check out our social media for the latest news and updates. 

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