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Clearwater Agency are shortlisted for 6 awards at the Global Search Awards

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Published Date 19.06.2023

We are thrilled that Clearwater Agency has been shortlisted as finalists in six categories at the prestigious 2023 Global Search Awards.

Founded in 2012, Clearwater is a digital marketing and transformation agency that merges the power of art, technology, and data to grow challenger brands into market leaders and cement market leaders at the top of their industry.  Our passion for modern technology and art underpins our operations to create market-leading campaigns and provide exceptional customer service.

Our team is a well-balanced blend of creative minds and tech geeks, working in harmony to deliver exceptional service and performance. We’re not just about ‘left brain, right brain’ – we operate as ‘one brain’, combining data and creativity, human and machine, to gain greater market share and a deepening of audience relationships.

We have partnered with many of Australia’s most recognized brands and our team’s commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our position as a trusted partner in digital marketing.

We are guided by our core values surrounding moral courage and perpetual curiosity. We have a unique and positive workplace culture where employees can be their authentic selves and brilliant work is truly revered. We promote a culture of collective positivity and friendship, and we have a zero-tolerance approach to toxicity. We set realistic expectations, but an “unlimited growth” mindset is part of our DNA.

Being nominated for the Global Search Awards 2023 is an immense honour and validation for the team at Clearwater Agency. This recognition signifies the industry’s acknowledgement of our hard work, innovative strategies, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. It is a testament to our tireless pursuit of excellence, our dedication to continuous learning, and our unwavering self-belief in limitless potential.

For each member of the Clearwater team, this nomination is a shared triumph that fuels our passion and motivates them to continue pushing boundaries in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

The agency’s involvement in the 2023 Global Search Awards showcases our successful collaborations in various sectors; we have been shortlisted seven times in the following six categories.

Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO) Small: Clearwater Agency has been nominated for our campaign with Essential Coffee. Essential Coffee is a global brand that operates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, and the Middle East. By partnering with Clearwater Agency for digital marketing services, Essential Coffee aimed to enhance its B2B eCommerce sales and B2B lead generation for commercial coffee machines and related products. Clearwater implemented a comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaign to achieve these objectives, leveraging various digital channels, delivering world-class campaign performance.

Best Integrated Campaign: Small: Clearwater is nominated twice for this category for our successful campaigns for Essential Coffee (as above) and Lauriston Girls’ School. Lauriston Girls’ School partnered with Clearwater in early 2022 to spearhead its new digital strategy.

As the school transitioned into digital marketing for the first time in its history, Clearwater played a crucial role in guiding this transformation. With the goal of adapting the traditional marketing mix and prioritising the school’s online presence, Clearwater developed and executed a tailored digital marketing strategy, enabling Lauriston Girls’ School to reach a broader audience and achieve its marketing objectives and achieve a record-breaking year.

Best Local Campaign (SEO): Small & Best APAC SEO Campaign: Clearwater is nominated for our work with Wilson Parking, a leading car park operator in Australia and around the world.  Wilson Parking partnered with with Clearwater Agency for digital marketing strategy, campaign management and technical execution.

Clearwater also played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful launch and migration of Wilson Parking’s new website. This collaboration resulted not only in a highly successful website launch but staggering growth in website traffic and online revenue.

Best Use of Search – Third Sector / Not for Profit: Small: Clearwater is nominated for our work with the Not for Profit organisation, FightMND.  FightMND, a prominent not-for-profit organization in Australia, partnered with Clearwater Agency for their “Big Freeze 7” campaign, following our work on their record-breaking campaign in 2021, that raised $14.6M. The “Big Freeze 8” campaign exceeded expectations, setting a new record by raising an impressive $19.8 million in donations. Clearwater’s digital marketing strategies and execution played a vital role in achieving this remarkable fundraising milestone.

Best APAC SEO Campaign – Once again, Clearwater Agency’s work with Wilson Parking has been acknowledged, this time in the APAC region.

In addition to these specific collaborations, Clearwater Agency has also been shortlisted for the Best Global Small Integrated Search Agency award.

This nomination serves as a powerful endorsement of our agency’s broad expertise and consistent track record of delivering exceptional results for clients worldwide.

Clearwater Agency extends its deepest gratitude to all its clients and partners for their trust and collaboration, which have been integral to our agency’s success.

We look forward to continued growth and to delivering measurable outcomes that drive our clients’ businesses forward.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to our mission of creating market leaders. By embracing modern technology, art, and data-driven insights, Clearwater aims to continue innovating, learning, and sustained, long-term business growth for our clients.

Clearwater Agency:

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