Skai is a finalist for the Best Global PPC Management Software Suite

In the early 2000s, just as paid search advertising was taking off, our founders built a search engine marketing tool to help the world’s most well-known brands and agencies create, manage, automate, optimize, and measure campaigns across publishers at scale. At the time, we were known as Kenshoo. 


Our most important role for our clients is to equip them with the tools and functionality they need to fill in the publisher tool gaps. As a result, we constantly hear back from our partners—the world’s largest ad publishers like Google and Meta—that brands outperform their previous results once they get on our platform. 


We have a rich history of innovation and early industry experience, are consistently first-to-market with new capabilities, and provide efficiencies beyond native tool capabilities. Our automation and algorithms outperform other third-party platforms and enhance publisher automated bidding solutions


The future of search engine marketing is intelligence


The new standard for SEM software isn’t just about managing campaigns; it’s about total search intelligence. In 2021, we rebranded from Kenshoo to Skai. Our new name better reflects our ongoing mission to go beyond just helping our clients better manage their search programs to truly becoming a full partner in their success. That means evolving from basic campaign management to assisting marketers in getting smarter through meaningful data and insights. 


Skai helps marketers make more intelligent decisions with best-in-class SEM data features and partnerships. With Skai’s neutral, agnostic position and 100+ integrations with leading ad vendors, marketers can marry the right data that identifies and actions those holistic insights. 


“This is a turning point for the world, and we are answering the call of our partners and clients by building a complete intelligent go-to-market engine that aids more aspects of the process, from data to insight to action to validation and growth,” says Skai CEO and Co-founder Yoav Izhar-Prato. “Our clients have been asking for it—executive leadership, brand managers, consumer insights analysts, and media specialists alike—and we’re humbled to be able to deliver after seeing great initial results.”


Our innovation


Skai has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly two decades and continues to drive constant innovation, keeping marketers ahead of the curve and protecting their investment. 


We believe in the importance of data security, especially as first-party data becomes increasingly important. Everything we do is built on the foundation of our Secure Data Architecture promise, informing our decisions, practices, and products. This security-powered approach to omnichannel optimization, insights, and intelligence sets us apart.


Marketers choose Skai not only for our commitment to data security and brand-first mentality but also for robust product features, customization and integration, innovative solutions, cross-channel, cross-publisher insights, and quality service.


We help marketers overcome limitations and thrive, achieving cutting-edge results that make campaigns stand out. Some examples of how our platform goes beyond the basic needs of campaign management include:



Cultivate a data-driven, test and learn culture with live experiments for constant insight beyond what search publishers provide. Skai enables advanced test bidding strategies, ad copy, targeting, landing page, and more with just a few clicks. Search marketers shouldn’t need data science degrees to create drafts and experiment campaigns in bulk. With Skai, you can surface insights with interactive dashboards to distill information quickly. 


Campaign Mirroring 

Why manage two programs when the other is just a copy of the first? Campaign Mirroring enables search marketers to eliminate the manual work of maintaining multiple campaigns at once. Our clients reach new audiences and save time by efficiently scaling and copying campaigns from Google to Microsoft with a single click. 


Budget Navigator

Search marketers are constantly trying to figure out where to allocate budget across accounts. Our Budget Navigator forecasts performance to inform decisions. In addition, clients can plan what-if-scenarios to understand how a budget change impacts returns and determine the optimal allocation of investment across portfolios, formats, etc.


Signal Enhancement

Smart Bidding and other automated bidding are undoubtedly the future of paid search. But, search engines need the correct data to optimize their algorithms. With Signal Enhancements, search marketers can safely share their first-party conversion data from all sources into publisher bidding algorithms. This helps them to maximize their advertising impact toward first-party data without depending on a publisher pixel. Marketers can also assign custom weightings to specific data sources to make smart bidding even smarter.

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