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Published Date 12.07.2022 is a leading Polish tyre retailer. As a content marketing in-house team we are honored to be shortlisted in all three categories in which we have submitted our work. We are happy to have this opportunity to share the success of our campaign “Roundabout recycling” with a broad audience from all over the world. The idea of a content marketing campaign which is beneficial not only for the company itself but also for the environment was crucial for us and is what drove us to our final successful results.

What we do at

We are an e-commerce tyre retailer company based in Poland. We not only operate within the country but also through online stores in different European countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Netherland, Austria, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. As a socially responsible and market-leading company in Poland, we feel the need to set a good example for other businesses. We are constantly introducing new ideas and elements to the firm. We believe that our business goals can simultaneously be beneficial for the environment, which is why our content marketing team is working interdisciplinary connecting CSR elements with business and SEO opportunities.


Corporate social responsibility and digital PR in the educational campaign

Through the “Roundabout recycling” campaign the main goals were: educating Poles on the topic of tyre recycling and promoting easy ways of properly disposing of them. As we do care for the actions that have real and visible outcomes, we have organized 68 environment cleaning events all over Poland. Both used tyres and rubbish lying around on the ground and in rivers or meres were collected. We managed to engage 1000 volunteers who helped in removing over 31 tons of garbage and more than 500 used tyres from the environment.

Additionally, we strongly promoted Oponeo’s free-of-charge service which offers the possibility of leaving used tyres at the automotive shop after getting a new set with the delivery and mounting option.

As part of the campaign, we promised to plant one tree for every four tyres collected during the cleaning events and from automotive shops. As a result, by the fall/winter season this year we will have 2782 trees planted in those regions of Poland that need the most help.

The ”Roundabout recycling” was the first-ever countrywide environmental campaign under the company’s name. As the in-house content marketing team, our job was to merge CSR, SEO and business goals. We successfully achieved our goals which lead to satisfying results.  In this particular project we coordinated and aligned online activities along with those happening offline, consistently throughout the campaign. The outcome and results were even better than we expected. The campaign and other activities we offered as part of it, aroused a great deal of interest.

How do we feel about entering and being shortlisted for the awards

We entered the competition with the intention to share our work, grow our audience and also to see how an independent jury might feel about the way we managed the campaign and achieved our results.

We have been shortlisted in all three categories in which we have submitted our work for, those include: Best Local Campaign (Seo): Large, Best Use Of Content Marketing: Large, Best Use Of PR In A Search Campaign: Large. We are honored to be appreciated and appointed for the finals alongside other great companies and  their campaigns. As we work hard we are happy to see the results as it is an extra motivation and legitimization of what we do.  Additionally, we strongly believe that sharing good ideas can only be beneficial for the development of marketing industry and its future achievements, whereas opportunities like this one are a great way to do so.


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