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NerdOptimize shortlisted for Best APAC SEO Campaign 2022

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 12.07.2022

As a small business we are, NerdOptimize is honored to be shortlisted for the Global Search Awards. Working on SEO campaign with WeSignLab has been both a challenge and an achievement for us at the same time, as WeSignLab was new to online marketing—the campaign started from scratch: the biggest challenges were building an online presence for WeSignLab and getting conversions on top of traditional marketing within a span of 12 months.


Starting Off ‘Nerd x WeSignLab’ Project

The first quarter of NerdOptimize and WeSignLab campaign focused on the main service keyword group which has a high probability of converting page visitors to customers. Our specialist team consists of young employees who are eager to explore SEO techniques: we have designed a content hub in the form of a sitemap and website structure based on the client’s services. This allowed users that visit the landing page to navigate their way in the website without difficulties—increasing conversion rate—and allowed Google bot to collect the website’s information and categorize client’s business and products with ease.


Content Is The Key

For broad keywords, our writer team created content such as on-page and off-page blogs according to technical knowledge. By publishing content that is up to Google’s standards, WeSignLab website would be regarded as a high-quality site with useful information and reliable services. This increased the chance of the client’s business being among the top ranks for the planned keywords, thus increasing the brand’s awareness and conversion rate in the long term.

To avoid spamming, NerdOptimize’s writers are trained with SEO knowledge. They understand writing techniques for SEO: title, description, alt text, internal link, and therefore avoid spamming by using various choices of words: main keywords, long tail, and related ones to focus on the signage and lightbox business and generate traffic, but not too broad for Google bot’s convenience in detecting keywords and product category. Along with backlinks, WeSignLab website started to get high authority and index on Google.

It’s Time To We Reap What We Sow

After 6 months, some of the focused main keywords made it to the top 3 ranking, and a total of 171 conversions from 2.3k sessions. After 10 months (out of a 12 months contract), we got an average of 400 conversions per month, which meant we had 2 months more as an opportunity to increase this number.  


This campaign can be proudly presented as one of NerdOptimize’s biggest achievements. Starting as a small business we managed to push focus keywords into the top 3 ranking, had a stable conversion rate, and increased our client’s revenue to the point that they needed to hire 3 times more staff as the campaign worked. WeSignLab now gains customers from traditional and online marketing, plus in recent months, the campaign proved so effective that the online conversion surpassed the offline revenue.

We, NerdOptimize, hope to serve our clients to the fullest to help them maximize their business growth. This campaign gave us motivation to work even more effectively and led us to believe that with our knowledge and valuable employees, pushing a business to its fullest growth is not impossible in our hands.


Optimize To The Infinity And Beyond!

With great power comes great responsibility. With skilled employees and ambitious employers, a path to be a no.1 SEO agency is not impossible to reach. Having 10 years of working experience in the marketing field, we guarantee that we will work to the fullest to provide our clients the best services that NerdOptimize can offer. We do not only focus on keywords, but also on business as a whole. WeSignLab is an example of our working etiquette: other than the main keywords of ‘signage’ and ‘lightbox’, we also work on all kinds of signs they can provide and set-up services.

NerdOptimize is not a place, it’s a people. Without all of the employees, this campaign wouldn’t have been so successful. We are proud of our young employees who are always eager to learn and keep their knowledge up to date. We learn from the past, in order to improve our performances in the future. We believe anything is possible and within our capabilities of optimistic optimization.


Best of luck to all the finalists!

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