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Ad Fraud Prevention Specialist TrafficGuard Shortlisted in the 2022 Global Search Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 12.07.2022

Who We Are


We are excited to share that TrafficGuard has been shortlisted for Best Software Innovation for its contribution to eradicating invalid traffic in the advertising ecosystem.


Invalid traffic renders campaign data unreliable, misdirects optimisation efforts and ultimately prevents your PPC advertising from reaching its full potential.


We replace invalid and fraudulent traffic with genuine user engagement by leveraging machine learning to identify emerging patterns quickly and deploying end-to-end protection and detection capabilities to maximise customers’ ROI.


This past year, we’re proud to say we’ve seen huge business growth, largely due to the dedication of all employees at TrafficGuard, from the sales to the marketing to the internal teams.


In 2021, TrafficGuard reached a key business goal, becoming the first and only certified PPC advertising verification platform on the Google Cloud Platform globally. This was a major benchmark for the company and demonstrated the recognition of its detailed, comprehensive and pioneering approach to fraud prevention.


We scaled up operations across a range of verticals and geographies including Asia, South America and the United Kingdom to accommodate our growing global customer base.


TrafficGuard’s protection and prevention capabilities are used by some of the leading businesses across a range of industries globally, including Singtel, William Hill and Gojek.


The company’s focus and execution of its growth strategy, including the appointment of Matt Sutton as Chief Revenue Officer and Chad Kinlay as Chief Marketing Manager, has seen the company earn a reputation as a leading vendor in a competitive market.


Our PPC Protection


TrafficGuard’s PPC Protection, for advertisers running pay-per-click campaigns, is a comprehensive layer of defence from bots, fraudsters, accidental clicks and other invalid traffic sources. The platform monitors every user that clicks through users’ Google Ads, continuously updating an exclusion list of invalid traffic to predict the patterns of fraud in real-time.


Instead of wasting around 10-30% of Google Ads budget on fraud, users of PPC protection can generate legitimate advertising engagement so they can get the best possible advertising performance from their investment.


We provide in-depth and comprehensive analysis of customers’ problems, clear and defendable detection, and the effectiveness of real-time fraud prevention that ultimately helps them to confidently scale. Our measurement and verification platform gives users a complete view of their advertising performance so they can make faster, accurate optimisation decisions.


In addition to our PPC Protection for advertisers in the Google pay-per-click (PPC) channel, we also offer full-funnel protection against invalid traffic for performance marketers, including those running App install campaigns.


Our Nomination


We’re honoured to be recognised for our contribution to strengthening the digital advertising ecosystem. Our team’s hard work makes TrafficGuard the business it is by providing a first-class customer experience, and we’re grateful for each and every employee’s contribution.


“I’m super proud that we have been shortlisted for Best Software Innovation. This nomination is a reflection of our relentless efforts to create a fraud-free advertising industry, and we’re delighted that the judges share our sentiment on that. Congratulations to the whole team at TrafficGuard for this success.” Luke Taylor, Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), TrafficGuard.


We would like to thank the Global Search Awards and its sponsors, and wish all nominees the best of luck.



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