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Wyoming Based, First Principles shortlisted for Global Search Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 12.07.2022


FirstPrinciples is a B2B venture holding organization specializing in growing and scaling SaaS businesses. The spark behind the initiation of our journey derived from the intention that a lot of savvy entrepreneurs with ideas about the product don’t have the expertise or the marketing experience to market and create a brand experience for the product. We started the venture studio to assist B2B SaaS startups with our industry-leading technology and marketing teams. We also serve as a venture holding firm and help B2B SaaS businesses blossom by acquiring and advising them to set them on the growth trajectory and scale them.


With our nano-targeted strategies, we have been continuously conquering the KPIs and subliming the goals. With our open-door work culture and flat hierarchical structure entangled with transparency, empathy, and emotional intelligence, we have developed a supportive environment and weave credibility & authenticity with clients guiding and motivating them on their way to thriving success.


About FirstPrinciples


Headquartered In Wyoming, U.S., and Bengaluru, India, FirstPrinciples is a remote-first startup with a team spread throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and South Africa. 


We are a maestro specializing in B2B SaaS products, aiding them to scale and draw success in the business oracle. We also craft our products under the umbrella, which gives us a hands-on assessment amalgamated with the experience-driven insight of growing SaaS products. Growth Advisory, our consulting business, uses all marketing channels to drive qualified leads to every partner, generated through organic and paid media to skyrocket their growth.


With the tenet of firm belief in “The Power of Tiny Gains,” FPians are encouraged to grow themselves consistently and continuously. And we focus on being the best within ourselves, a journey inner ward to fuel up their full potential, eliminating the personality road blockers.


To guide their growth journey, we have worked meticulously to execute initiatives to be a part of their personal and professional growth. Transparency of communication, empathy, self-awareness, and EI are the hymns we strive to form. FPians, as a team, we are highly grounded, focused on meaningful metrics vs. vanity, and one that sticks together.


We are laser-focused on the activities that align with our mission to become 1% better as individuals and as a team everyday and craft a healthy work culture by putting effort into taking care of the team’s overall growth.



What Sets Us Apart: FirstPrinciples Values


We have generated a culture where everyone is open to constructive feedback and wants to get better every day. We have a close-knitted team that has been working together for a long time, assisting each other through thick and thin. In FP, we also strive to become an employee-oriented organization; we empower people to share their ideas and ascertain each step towards a collaborative work culture.


Over the past decade, our group has increased by 5X, and so has our strength. We consider nurturing the development of individuals and the entire team as part of our job; every year, we emerge ‘a cut above’ and better than the previous year.


When you as a SaaS brand focus on the client’s feedback, it helps you improve your product and services by cultivating insights from those conversations. We followed them as guidelines; our products have grown to $1m ARR and beyond. Investing time with our product, we also have fine-tuned the SaaS journeys, creating our own space in the noisy SaaS growth spectrum. That also separates us from other SEO service companies.


We adhere to the notion of building a profitable company in a unique way, where the return is massive, and as an organization that offers the workforce multiple growth opportunities. Segregating the productivity drives, the moon steps that took us ahead of the companies are that we are the wizards in deriving the inbound opportunities & talent in the SaaS space. We also have endured following a woven playbook for a well-defined recruitment, training, and upskilling platform for FPians, and we ensure to provide equity ownership and P&L Responsibility to key stakeholders.



 How do We perceive Win?


Winning this award will be a source of pride for FirstPrinciples and will reinforce the idea of determination. It will reaffirm and strengthen the enthusiasm to grow, an ardor to improve, following procedures, superior strategies, experience, and willingness to work hard.


We are in this realm as we are fond of this game, we are inclined towards delivering the best in us, and success has to follow when you are true to your worth. Besides, we firmly believe an award means recognition for your excellent work. It motivates you to keep on the journey and do better in whatever you do. A distinction of the award can encourage a business to improve its services or products and deliver better work to its customers.


Winning this award also will impact our customers and the world around them in a positive way. The award is an asset and can also be another reason behind employees’ motivation. 


We firmly believe that winning the award will enhance brand recognition. And most importantly, it will boost our morale; it can help a business stand out from the crowd and be seen as an industry leader, supporting the company culture and allowing employees to celebrate. In addition, an award can provide a feeling of pride and validation for employees, boosting their confidence for new challenges and building their career goals.


We believe we can be 1% better every day in everything we do, personally and professionally – our credo. This achievement will affirm our motto, enhancing its credibility and visibility. It will serve as a reinforcement of our goal.


How Are We feeling: Opening up the ‘Spree’ Of Emotion 


We feel deeply honored and pretty great about being nominated for the award. The nomination is an ‘Osler testament’ to the hard work and talent of the team at Firstprinciples.


Our submission is the vehement of our performance, the work we’ve performed in the past couple of years, financial data, and a glimpse at our strategies that helped us establish a recognized brand in the SaaS sector. Our in-house SaaS brand, SyndicationPro, has experienced steady growth despite the pandemic. We are glad & delighted that we have been able to upskill and become thought leaders in the procedures and strategies and have been able to achieve more in the first few years of our operation than many companies do in a decade.


The nomination reflects the quality of work we do daily, and we are honored to be recognized by our peers. Our team works tirelessly to create remarkable customer experiences and build great relationships. We are proud of our work as a team and are honored to be nominated alongside such great companies.


Fistprinciples Growth manager Padmaja Santhanam says. “I think putting your best foot forward at an award nomination is a great idea. It shows that you’re passionate about the work that you do and that you care about the nominations that you receive. To be nominated for the BEST GLOBAL SMALL SEO AGENCY by the Global Search Awards is a huge honor for FirstPrinciples. We are thrilled because the GSA awards are internationally renowned and respected, and we wish all the other nominees the best of luck and look forward to them.”


The recognition will help us grow as a team and create great products for our customers. We’re eagerly looking forward to the award ceremony and being recognized for our hard work and dedication to our customers.


We’re hoping for the best and are excited about the results. We will continue our work with zeal and enthusiasm while keeping our fingers crossed for the results. Also will keep on providing a space for startups to start consistent growth and a safe environment for employees to acquire and incorporate new skills. We wish all of the finalists the best of luck!

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