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x4 Shortlist Nominations for Serpact!

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 11.07.2022

The entire Serpact team is thrilled to be among the finalists of the prestigious Global Search Awards 2022 and to be nominated in four categories, namely:


  • Best Low Budget Campaign (SEO): Small
  • Best Use of Content Marketing: Small
  • Best Use of Data (SEO): Small
  • Best Global Small SEO Agency


That means a lot to us making us proud of our success and that of our client Scala Hosting. After we won a prize at the Global Search Awards 2020 in the category Best Use of Search – Gaming, in 2022, we are happy to be nominated again for these awards.


We are even thrilled that we are on the shortlist with our Scala Hosting project. Our success can only inspire and motivate us to strive to build on our knowledge and skills, reaching higher and higher peaks.


Who are we?

Serpact began writing its history in 2016 when Nikola Minkov founded it with the sole goal: SERP optimization known today as SEO. With a lot of hard work, he managed to build a team of more than 18 outstanding experts in a short time. It turned Serpact into one of the largest SEO companies in Bulgaria and a leader both on the domestic and the international market.


Today, we keep moving forward with the shared passion and mission to help businesses develop and grow, surpass the competition and take the top positions in the SERP and the market.


Hard work and faith are our biggest motivators and drivers of success. Nikola Minkov, Dido Grigorov, and Borislav Arapchev are the people who prove that it is possible to build a successful SEO company and a relationship with colleagues from around the world without the need for external funding.



In the past four years, they have visited over 40 countries with one goal: to learn from the best in the SEO industry and upgrade their knowledge because we believe that knowledge is an investment worth making.


Traveling and networking with colleagues worldwide have allowed us to learn and exchange valuable experiences. Even more valuable was the launch of a webinar series called SerpAsk in 2019, where we invite 1 international and 1 Bulgarian digital marketing specialist each with a focus on SEO. We now have over 20 webinar series.


About the project

Our client, Scala Hosting, started its business in 2017 when the main goal was to turn VPS hosting into a resource that any user, whether a student, developer, company or large-scale team, could use to create amazing things on the web. Their main task was to make the cloud secure, scalable, and easy to manage.


Starting work on the project with Scala Hosting, the most significant challenges we faced and had to work on were:


  • Not enough web traffic and conversions
  • Not enough online brand visibility and recognition


What was our main goal: to reach maximum visibility and the best possible conversion rate in a highly competitive niche.


In terms of SEO, we worked on three main components:


  • Technical SEO – we redesigned the site layout and elements, improved the loading speed, and reorganized the website’s overall structure.

  • Content Strategy – we analyzed the current content, then continued with keywords analysis and clusterization, based on the customer journey and intent in the niche. After that, we performed a landing page mapping.

  • Content Promotion Strategy: we performed the following steps: (1) planned top priority pages; (2) identified and contracted media websites that are relevant to our projects; (3) outreached techy bloggers and vloggers; (4) used social media power; (5) and contacted relevant websites that are generating outgoing affiliate traffic. Last but not least, we promoted blog articles and knowledge-based articles.


As a result, traffic increased by 140%. We succeeded in a highly competitive niche where global giants like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Dreamhost, A2 Hosting, and others rank.


To conclude, such achievements motivate us to make more efforts, be thirsty for new knowledge, and want to conquer higher and higher peaks.


On behalf of the entire team, thank you for nominating us in all four categories! It is a great opportunity to present our company to a wider audience and share about one of the many challenging projects we face daily.


We wish success to all participants! We are honored to be among the finalists of such prestigious awards as the Global Search Awards!

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