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Traffic Builders: five-time finalist at the Global Search Awards 2022

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 11.07.2022

At Traffic Builders we strive to push marketing boundaries by offering full-funnel marketing services to over 70 clients around the world. We develop award-winning strategies by implementing our own REAN®-model and -framework. The proven-effective REAN®-model ensures an integrated approach in which campaign objectives, marketing channels, communication and KPI’s are aligned optimally. After winning in 2020 and 2021, we are thrilled to announce we have been nominated for Global Search Awards in five different categories in 2022.




After having won a total of four awards in 2020 and 2021, Traffic Builders has again been nominated for the Global Search Awards, this year within five categories. Together with TopMondzorg, we have been nominated in the following categories:

  • Best use of search – B2C (PPC)
  • Best use of search health
  • Best local campaign (PPC)
  • Best integrated campaign
  • Best use of data (PPC)


Together with TopMondzorg we developed a strategy for increasing the number of patients and to automate personalized marketing campaigns for 101 dental clinics. We created a new campaign strategy, where we intelligently combined data enrichment, local geotargeting, call tracking and various other sources. This resulted in smashing the registrations’ objective by 23% and in comparison, with the year before, we have seen a 45% increase in traffic and a 41% increase in new patient registrations. We are proud of these results and our colleagues are honored to see their hard work being recognized in the form of these nominations.


Collaboration with TopMondzorg


The campaigns with TopMondzorg are highly successful. Apart from these nominations, the campaigns have won two Dutch Search Awards and a European Search Award for: Best local campaign, Best full funnel campaign and Best use of search – health. Naturally, we are very proud of these accomplishments, which we could not have achieved without TopMondzorg. Therefore, we would like to thank them for the collaboration, which we aim to take to the next level in the future.

About Traffic Builders

Founded in 2001 as one of the first PPC and SEO agencies in The Netherlands, Traffic Builders has over 20 years of experience with digital marketing and analytics. As a full-funnel marketing agency, we enable you to reach the right people at the right moments, with the most appealing message, in every phase of the customer journey. With a team of approximately 70 highly experienced specialists and consultants, we offer full-funnel marketing services like Strategy, Customer Experience Optimisation, SEO, SEA, Programmatic Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, Marketplaces and Digital Analytics. These specialists and consultants are experienced in competitive industries, from E-commerce, Finance, and Insurance, to Automotive and Healthcare.


Traffic Builders is part of UNBOUND Group, a platform organization that houses expertise in all aspects of marketing, such as brand development, creatives, digital marketing, and data management. Through UNBOUND, we can develop holistic brand- and campaign concepts for our clients, that align with our full-funnel vision on media.



To provide clients with award-winning strategies, we use our own REAN®-model and -framework. The model is used to develop, execute, and adjust effective marketing strategies, by ensuring synergy between marketing channels and focus on the right metrics within the different phases of the customer journey. The model has been proven effective for chances or challenges in numerous disciplines, including digital transformation, proposition development and communication, marketing strategy and budgeting, and KPI’s and marketing channel management.






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