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Profit Whales Nominated for Global Search Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 11.07.2022

Profit Whales have applied for the Global Search Awards Excellence in PPC, SEO & Content Marketing and became finalists in the category of Best Small PPC Agency. The results will be announced at the end of July, so we keep our fingers crossed!


We’d like to thank Global Agency Awards for this honor and also congratulate all the other shortlisted agencies in the category. It is a big joy for us to be a part of this.


Let us tell you a bit about ourselves!

Who We Are

Profit Whales is a full-service PPC marketing agency for Amazon brands. We’ve been on the market for over four years now. What first started as PPC software has transformed into a comprehensive expert agency with a great team on board. We’ve invested over $200,000 in development within the company. Now our proven internally-used software is helping us to create PPC campaigns. Over the past few years, We have been able to reach new heights in advertising by exponentially increasing the number of clients who have entrusted us with nearly $50 million, according to Amazon’s 2021 data.


Profit Whales began as an 8-person group, which grew as we continued to expand our operations. The team now comprises 35 hard-working people, including six key managers of their respective departments: PPC, Analytics, Marketing, Project Management, Business Development, and Operations. The annual growth rate of staff is 80%, and the average employment duration is at the 16-month point.


We are an advanced Amazon Ads partner who communicates with Amazon and understands what sellers need to succeed in the market. We share knowledge with our clients by hosting webinars featuring eCommerce professionals (Amazon experts, Pinterest representatives, etc.), posting YouTube videos, composing reports and white papers, and even offering an Amazon PPC course. So when our customers start selling, they are already furnished with all the important metrics, which means that they are ahead of the competition in terms of knowledge.


We are the first eCommerce service provider to incorporate external traffic with Amazon sales. Participating in the closed beta testing of Amazon Attribution, we have developed a system to increase traffic for eCommerce sellers. This system is now considered one of the best solutions for promoting your brand on Amazon and beyond, and we are proud to foster this cross-channel approach.


Taking PPC advertising as a foundation, we go far beyond that and teach each of our clients how to build a strong, recognizable, and versatile brand, not just a business. You can learn more about our work from the case studies published on our website.


Being able to work and develop our company further despite war was a challenge. But thanks to our dedicated team members and support from partners, we were able to keep going no matter what. We even took part in the Prosper Show despite not being able to visit it physically.



Mission Statement

We have a single aim: to help brands build and scale successful long-term businesses on Amazon. We have a unique culture that enables us to achieve this. Our culture is based on continuous learning, passionate collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose. Our team of experts has helped thousands of sellers scale their Amazon business by using the latest Amazon seller tools and techniques. We’re passionate about helping you grow, no matter where you’re at in your journey.


Profit Whales nurtures the strengths of our team members so they can continue to grow as individuals and help us grow as a company. We believe in developing close relationships with our clients, so they can trust us to guide them through the process of building their brand on Amazon. We believe in the power of teamwork, so we can continue to build an incredible business together. We believe in the potential of Amazon as a platform, so we can continue to build our brand and help others do the same.

Why We Want to Win

Being nominated is a huge honor for us, but it is our passion to be the best in the field. That is why winning is so important to us.


We have a dream of building a company that is known for providing excellent customer service, and winning this award will help us realize that goal. In addition, it will reinforce our zeal to grow as a company and as a brand, give us an opportunity to show the world our dedication to excellence in our field, and allow us to share our story with even more people.


“When we were nominated for the Global Search Awards, our first instinct was to feel honored. After all, being recognized for our hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence is something we strive for every day. It’s an affirmation that our years of experience, education, and training have made a difference in the world. It’s an acknowledgment that we’re doing something right, and it’s an encouragement to keep going.”


Ihor Dubovetskyi, Profit Whales Co-founder


We have been inspired by the stories of the other nominees, and are excited for them too. Wishing good luck to them!

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