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Link Affinity finalists in the Global Search Awards 2022

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 11.07.2022

Link Affinity was created to transform the way we look at digital PR and link building. For us, these two fields can bring about opportunities to build bridges between the SEO and communications departments and enhance natural relations with relevant media. For that reason, Link Affinity is not just a simple digital PR and ethical link building tool. It is the groundbreaking method that helps building real authority in your sector. We identify the collaboration opportunities that provide our users the expertise, authority, and trust necessary in their media relations to improve their Google rankings.


We have found that companies face a big problem. They are aware of the importance of authority and trust transfer through links and mentions in specialized media for their ranking in Google, but most of the techniques used for this purpose so far do not comply with the search engine’s guidelines. These techniques are most of the time of no use, and in worst cases, they lead to a Google penalization. 


Our approach aims at overcoming this challenge. We have made a radical turn in the way of understanding, measuring, and executing link building strategies as they have been carried out until now by agencies and professionals in the sector. Moving beyond mathematical factors, our focus is on semantics and what makes sense, not only SEOwise, but also in terms of reputation and brand authority.


Collaborator prospects has been the latest feature we have implemented in Link Affinity, and it has been such a great innovation for our way of working as it should be for the rest of the market. This feature helps us identify collaboration opportunities by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of our users’ teams and clients. Link Affinity identifies natural collaborations with media looking for experts. This type of collaborations ends up in a win-win for both sides: the media will obtain a more transparent and trustworthy content, and the expert will earn recognition and authority in their field. 



On the other hand, journalists, bloggers, content creators, or anyone looking for ways to enrich their content with transparent collaborators, can find these experts at Expertomy, a sister platform to Link Affinity. This system allows Link Affinity users to draw attention from media to their experts, and Expertomy users to find experts looking forward to collaborating with them. When a request is formed, a chat opens between both parts where they can negotiate the terms of the collaborations, so we are only an intermediary in the whole process.  In recent years, the importance given to the EAT has grown, especially for YMYL-themed sites, affecting thousands of sites that have seen their visibility drop on Google. Companies need trustworthy content that generates trust and transparency through verified authors. With Expertomy, these companies can transfer authority, expertise, and trust in their content through collaborations with experts on different subjects.


We also rely on SEO factors to obtain the best results in users’ campaigns, both in terms of brand building and ethical link building. Hence, we have developed two technical indicators:

  1. Naturalness. With this innovative indicator we assess how natural your link profile is in terms of the balance of these three factors: Affinity, Authority and Safety. Each of these indicators measures the natural balance of the link profile, both individually for each referent domain and as a whole. Up until now, link profile management tools have only considered factors easily manipulated by an SEO, which can provide erroneous data about the health of your link profile. We have taken a step further. Link Affinity takes as main indicators: the content relationship between the sites that link you and your project, visibility trends of each of them, penalties, traffic, and other factors in which the user cannot intervene directly.

  1. Semantic Affinity. Using A.I. and machine learning, Link Affinity stands out in the market as the only tool in the world that calculates the real semantic affinity between the client’s website and its potential partners. With a unique smart crawling system, it determines the benefit of a partnership between them by suggesting keywords with higher affinity and target URLs. Our crawler “Affinity Matters” uses lemmatization, tokenization and other advanced processes that allow it to accurately determine the real semantic affinities between the user’s content and each of the media’s. 

    Our team is also one of the unique features that makes up our brand. Although we started as a pure SEO team, as we started to realize how important communications were when executing ethical link building, our team started to expand in that direction.

    We are now a team of ten very passionate SEO, communications, and PR professionals. We were thrilled to find out that Link Affinity had been shortlisted for the 2022 Global Search Awards in the “Best Software Innovation” category. We have kept on innovating after last year’s nomination, and the results brought about our new feature Collaborator prospects. We believe we are changing the terms of link building strategies and increasing for once the naturalness around this field. Being recognized by the organization is an honor, as it is proof of our hard work and successful results.

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