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Impressive achieve 7 nominations!

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 05.07.2022

About Impressive


Made up of a passionate team of digital marketers with diverse backgrounds, Impressive comes with the skills and experience needed for success. Every day, our Melbourne-based team of digital marketing experts work together to deliver intelligent, data-driven results that support our client’s objectives and vision and help businesses across Australia flourish.


As a progressive, forward-thinking Australian digital marketing agency, Impress!ve™ offers our clients something different. We break with traditional approaches to online marketing, leveraging best practice and innovative thinking in equal measure to draw the line from user interest to our client’s bottom line.


Our Global Search Awards 2022 Shortlist Nominations


This year, Impressive has submitted 7 nominations across a number of different categories and industries and is elated that we have been shortlisted for each one of them. We are beyond proud of the work and the boundary-pushing that has gone into these projects and are honoured to have our expertise recognised by the coveted Global Search Awards. We’d love to share our shortlisted projects with you, so here is a short summary of each of them.


Best Use of Search – Fashion: Large

Impressive x KOOKAÏ – Search That fits


Being a globally recognised clothing brand, KOOKAÏ had a robust branded organic presence. However, for the past 2 years prior to our engagement, the brand’s organic traffic volume had been on a flat, horizontal trajectory. With limited in-person sales to rely on during the pandemic, it was imperative for Impressive to boost the brand’s organic search presence and visibility to generate more eCommerce sales. 


By employing Impressive’s SEO expertise, the brand was able to benefit from 160% growth instead of the expected 20% that was set as the target KPI.


Best Use of Search – Automotive: Large

Impressive x Rola – SEO That’s Not Off The Rack


Although Rola is a legacy brand, it had not yet explored the digital space to its full potential. The brand had traditionally sold its products through a network of distributors and retailers, placing little focus on its eCommerce revenue stream. Rola wished to scale the brand to the next level and engaged Impressive to expand its digital reach via organic search. 


We set very aggressive targets for the project, aiming for 100% growth in non-brand clicks and revenue growth over the first 6 months. Both of which we achieved with 100% non-brand click growth and an increase of over 1500% in eCommerce sales.


Best Use of Search – Travel / Leisure (SEO): Large

Impressive x Australian Traveller – Rising From The Ashes


From March 2021, Australian Traveller started experiencing a dip in traffic. Naturally, they wanted to regain their lost organic traffic and revert back to pre-COVID numbers. The organisation engaged Impressive to assist them in returning to their former organic search glory.


Rather than taking a standard approach to the campaign, Impressive understood the nature of the site and implemented SEO tactics that would make a positive impact on their indexation and organic visibility. By culling the size of the site and controlling bot crawling, valuable content was ranked higher and pages were indexed faster. The intelligent campaign allowed Australian Traveller to achieve the predetermined KPIs and build upon its pre-COVID session numbers.


Best Integrated Campaign: Large

Impressive x Elevation107 – Cruising to Success


Impressive began working with Elevation107 in April 2020 following an unsuccessful eCommerce migration by another agency and unprofitable campaigns. Despite a previously high-performing website, Elevation107 faced a decline in revenue due to ongoing lockdowns and travel restrictions throughout 2020 and 2021. Impressive’s aim was to get Elevation107 back on the slopes by yielding profit, maximising their ROI across various channels and building an integrated campaign to support their eCommerce growth.


Impressive aimed to have 30% of overall sales attributed to eCommerce however following a very successful campaign over the 2021 ski season, Impressive’s strategy saw eCommerce contribute to just over 70% of the client’s overall sales.


Best Use of Search – Automotive: Large

Impressive x Sunyee – Back on Track


As a result of the lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions that were implemented in the latter half of 2020 in Victoria and the Northern Beaches of NSW, Sunyee faced a huge dip in organic traffic. Additionally, there were a fair amount of technical issues, as well as little to no on-page content, which made it difficult for Sunyee to be discovered via search engines. Limited category descriptions were also a factor in minimal organic traffic. 


Impressive’s aim was to get Sunyee back on track by leveraging the world of organic search to boost traffic for high-value product brands and categories and increase the brands overall revenue. While the target KPI was set to a 50% uplift in traffic after 12 months, Impressive achieved a 123% increase in organic traffic and a 231% increase in page 1 keywords.


Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (SEO): Large

Impressive x Luxo Living – SEO With Comfort and Style


While Luxo Living was one of few success stories during the first half of 2020, the effects of extended lockdowns in parts of the country (such as Victoria and Northern Beaches) were having further impact on people’s spending habits. This led to losses in website traffic in the later half of the year.


To remedy the situation, Impressive put together a fresh strategy to deal with the long-term impacts of the pandemic, focusing primarily on SEO. The brand set a very aggressive target of increasing sessions and revenue by 78%. These targets were no match for Impressive’s campaign, delivering an 86% revenue increase and an incredible uplift of 522% in non-brand clicks. 


Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (SEO): Large

Impressive & Sydney Tools – Equipped for Success


Despite their broad presence, Sydney Tools was hampered by the pandemic, particularly as a result of lockdowns continuing in the latter half of 2020. Sydney Tools recruited the help of Impressive to Increase overall site traffic & rankings, close the gap between Sydney Tools and their biggest competitor’s organic rankings and increase prominence of local results to drive more foot traffic to their store network.


This campaign achieved all of the predetermined KPIs and then some. Sydney Tools welcomed a flood of customers back into its brick and mortar stores and entered new exciting territories for their eCommerce sector. 


The results we have been able to achieve for our clients via our successful campaigns have been extremely rewarding in themselves. However, being acknowledged by the Global Search Awards for our hard work, skill and dedication with seven shortlisted campaigns in 2022 has put the cherry on top of an incredible year. Wish us luck in the finale!

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